What’s up guys how you doing I know you guys haven’t heard from me lately in the wild I’m sorry for my nappy head my hair’s a mess where I need to get my hair reclusa to something but yeah I know you guys haven’t heard from you in a while man um of course I’ve been very busy lately um.
You know as you guys know I just got married soon my wedding was on.

July 1st and you know you know window night week honeymoon all that kind of stuff so I’ve really been having.

A good time spending count my wife and enjoying myself so I haven’t really had the amount of time to you know put out videos and all that kind of stuff like that I’m.

Considering putting out some more strategies because I.

Know that there’s some stuff that I used to use that I ditched and I know that some stuff I’ll probably worked on and message so.

You just kind of keep your eyes open for that I’ll let you guys know whether yes or no.

Whether or not I can you know whether or not consider doing that um going for those who on the group you guys already an over going into this new month we’re doing.

Um 30 seventies you know we was transitioning from 20 80s which is really good actually doing with the 10 90s and then we went back to 20 80s and then we went down to 30 70s and in between those times was kind of missing it with some different strikes in between the 20 to 35 range but because markets have slowed.
Down drastically over the summer we had to kind of take.

Our risks back up to a reasonable place on Nadex so that we’ll be able to get good profit on our signals now they’re still otm signals so um I don’t plan on changing from that unless I absolutely have to but they’re still LTM signals so we’re still getting two hundred thirty-four percent profit from them and uh this is the first week that we actually fully put them into play this whole month in itself was just very very rough mainly just due to the fact of the arm due to the.

Fact of the summer stuff kicking in so this month didn’t look nothing like what we wanted it to look like so we we lost a couple bucks or whatever like that but that happens this trade them it’s a reality of training but uh you know what they don’t want to dimension man this actually happened a couple weeks ago I wanted to you know.

Then make a video about it about the bottom month ago but um I just could never really get around to it but I I kind of wanted to make a video about Michael Friedman’s signals group and this is of course not dealing with Michael Friedman because most people don’t know this but you know Michael has supposedly retired from.

Trading months and months ago and I think he had already warned people that he was going to do it so he has not been over the group or.

The person over the group for the past of you know four or five months or something like that not sure and you know he doesn’t seem to be on Instagram much like that you know.

So his group seems to be you know still going well but yeah he hasn’t been in there for a minute for a while so Jacob Jones is actually taken over the group and you know me and most people don’t notice but I thought well most people do but most people don’t you know before I started trading ethics I was strictly just trading binary options and then I started doing both but because Nate X was much better and I.

Started to get a lot of matrix traffic I found that my Natick setups and signals and stuff was you know better than my binary options.

And I didn’t want to trade with overseas brokers no more so I had already traded mail X before I tested it out but I decided to really give it a go and me and Mike.

Had a an agreement and a deal because you know we had our time to where we wasn’t really coagulating with each other anymore because as you guys know I used to actually be a trader in his group and I you know I end up why I got kicked out I got removed initially so and there was nothing wrong to get kicked.

Out all I said was that I was just going to stop trading and posting signals for a while so you know they removed me from.

The group on there whatever like.

That and there was no hard feelin’s we got over it we had our you know email conversation and everything was cool because you know I don’t feel like I ever really had a bad relationship with them even though you know things didn’t go smoothly like of course like I preferred it to but you know I was still mistreated at that time but that was in the past I let it go and he let it go whatever but um you know.

I end up starting my own group from them you know so I have my own group and you know people’s in their trading binary options and there are actually a good amount of people that were following me and almost all of my traders or all of the people that follow.

Me was Binary Option traders when I started.

Doing a text in a text traders started coming over there because a lot of them didn’t have an outlet to where they could get Nadex signals that and you know I hit my cup and you know I made an agreement with it you know I told them like yo I want to.

Transition to Nadex but I also told them that.

Their group was the only one that I know of that’s accident’ was a reputable binary options signals you know it’s not scamming people and they’re not that I know of you know so I wasn’t in there to be able to fully tell you know the nature of people um even though some people can you know be snappy and stuff like that but.

Yeah I I had made amends with him and I told him that I was sending all of my binary options traffic and everybody that follows me everybody that’s in my group I would just send them to his group and you know they went through the process and a lot of.

The binary traders that were following me initially that couldn’t trade eggs almost all of them went to his group and that was the agreement that we had an agreement that I made with him I was like you if I send you all of my binary options traffic anybody who messages me from you to my channel because I have like 3,000 subscribers you know and my youtube.

Channel has over over about 200,000 views in total so a lot of people messaged me every single day still to this day sometimes about binary option signals even though I’m fully into Nadex now but um I was sitting all of my binary options traffic to Mike’s group and the agreement was is that you know because I would be pretty much losing all of my members in my own group the agreement was is that I was.

Just like to promote my Navy service in his group so I wasn’t trying to be on as a paid admin I wasn’t trying to pull signals in there I was just wanted to tell people about there’s an 8x outlet he trusted my services too so you know it was very easy for us to.

Kind of come to an agreement with it and we had a couple conversations afterwards some pretty cool you know mellow conversations and that was it you know so for about for about five or six months man we that was the deal that me and him had made and you know we was we was.

Good on that now the reason I’m.

Making this is because I was recently removed from my group a.

Month ago and I was unjustly removed it was by the person that Mike had put in charge over the group Jacob Jones and Jacob Jones was actually an admin in the group before I had got there so he had been there for a while he has a lot of pull over.

The internet and all that kind of stuff and you know they were you know people treating me kind of funky man.

Because all I do when I go up there all I did was I would literally it’s all I did I will post my YouTube videos.

In the group that was it I would potentially tell people if we’re having a free.

Week tell people if we’re having any services of whatever going on.

That was it I wasn’t interrupting nobody services I wasn’t commenting under people’s stuff it was nothing like that and they were starting to do this thing Twitter it’s adding going different admins and all that.

Kind of stuff like that and.

You know a lot of pinellas up there’s a lot.

Of admins in a group right now I don’t know how many’s in there but from last.

Time I saw I was like eight of them or something like that and a lot of them almost all of them trade binary signals it was only one of them that.

Trade made X and it was snare.

He was only when I traded trade in a tax but uh yeah you know he here he removed me from the group and it was mainly because I had probably a month beforehand people kept messaging me about binary options signals and I told them I don’t want to post them in my group because you know it’s not a binary group anymore but since all of almost all of my.

Was in Mike’s group and I literally I sent them all there I added almost all of them in there manually myself the ones that wasn’t already in there since most of my traders or.

Most of you at trade me was in Mike’s group I decided like how about this I’ll just give you guys one a OD a date and I’ll give it out for free and mind you me and Mike’s agreement was that I was not.

Required to post signals like I told him I don’t want to become a signal provider in his group and you know I don’t want to be a paid admin or nothing I’m not even looking for money or nothing from his members I just wanted to promote my services give people an outlet that they can get Natick signals.

Also to if you guys don’t know what this is in the background I like to keep my desktop charts like this because it keeps my eye King to.

Candlestick patterns and stuff like that so that’s something to take note of you can find plenty of these pictures and stuff all across the web I change him every now and then just to refresh my eyes but this is some good to know but yeah you know so you know Jacob Jones apparently made some rule out of thin air and the rule said that in order for you to say an admin in the group that you.

Had to post five signals per day and they had to be in the group and you had to post them for free because there were people there are people in the group who had telegram channels all of the admins have telegram channels now even though I was like one of the first people that have telegram channels period but you know they have telegram channels now and they are charging people for the private.

Signals in their telegram channel but they are also giving away signals for free in the actual group you know so he tagged me in.

The post I had messaged him privately I told him that me and Mike had an agreement to where I wouldn’t post signals so you know I would plan on posting any signals.

But at the time because I was doing one the EOD a day I was like.

Sure I’ll just do one day he’ll D and you know.

Like yeah that’s fine that’s.

Fine so you know I I think I did like two more.

Ear DS and I was like you know this is really taking them taking up my time for my personal accession to try to come up early or they try to stop to post an EOD because I felt that the signal wouldn’t be fully federal well.

Thought out well planned out because I’m trading my own session at the same time and I’m doing Natick signals which is you know different from binary so you know Jacob Jones man he uh you know sorry I pretty much.

I stopped those signals because was.

Never required to post it was their period not once and I.

Talked to Mike about it and you know I don’t think he emailed me or messaged me back because I think he completely just left all of that stuff behind but it was.

It was so like crazy to me because these rules started being made and I found out that they.

Were really made just for me it was mainly because the other signal providers and the group didn’t like the fact that I was posting.

My videos and Mike’s group I wasn’t even trading signals up there I wasn’t taking none of their traffic because most of the people that follow them are binary options traders.

And it was very few Nadex traders in the.

Group in the first place so the what Jacob Jones had messaged me he had told me that the other signal providers was upset.

Of me posting myself in the group and they felt.

That it was unfair that’s the reason that I had to that’s a reason why they would supposedly told me like unless I post my eyes you know signals up there he’s going to remove me you know so I told him you know cuz.

I was like yo that’s that’s kind of crazy because I don’t see I don’t see any trading signal service as competition at all the way I look at it is that if people like what you do if they like working or doing.

Business with you if you are ethical if you’re trustworthy then that’s people’s business who they sign up for I’m not going to be fighting people and trying to ruin people reputation you know get upset with somebody because they disagree with me whatever maybe like if somebody wants to trade with somebody that’s their own prerogative if they want to join the Natick signal over there that’s their that’s their choice they.

Were joining later signal over there that’s their choice.

You see I’m saying if they get caught up some scammers if they got people cussing them out and all that kind of.

Stuff that’s their choice you know but I was very you know I wasn’t upset but I was very disappointed man because.

I was thinking to myself like yo I don’t you can’t see it because not everybody was coming to the group is saying like a you know I came in for Tevin but a lot of it bro there have been thousands of people that have messaged me since I started trading in.

The group when I made my youtube channel and.

Ever since up into this day like.

That probably close to 10,000 people I’ve probably gotten look not 10,000 that’s just that’s over exaggeration but I’ve gotten thousands and thousands of messages from different people from all over the world you know and at first I was talking about doing the Mike’s group and it was only because I.

Was in there they wanted to trade my signals and they was talking about joining his group.

When I had my own group mainly because they thought I was still in there.

Trading and posted signals the reality is is that I felt that I was you know a big part of building the group up to where it is now you see them saying and I’m not it’s not a boastful or powerful thing it’s just the fact that a lot of a.

Lot of people that came there came there.

To trade with me and when I left you know some of them had ended up leaving with me to trade my signals too as well and this is not saying that I’m a great or grand trader whatever like that is just that some people like traded with me it was just that simple and you.

Know I felt like I was unjustly treated because I was telling Jacob Jones in the message I was like yo I promote Mike’s crew I promote you because it’s not Mike’s group anymore but I I promote you guys grew heavily from.

Day one up until even when I left when I had my own group I always promoted sorry about that and the message but I always promoted the group I’ve always spoke highly about it I never even when I was treated unjustly and kicked out because I said I.

Was gonna stop posting signals for a while like and I was posting signals for free so it wasn’t even like I was paid anything like that I was just doing if everybody else and it’s like you know when I was.

Kicked out and all that kind of stuff it was like I was treated like crap and yet I still respected the service and respected any agreements and still respected promoting the.

Signal service you know and there were tons.

Of people who died could have joined my group and you know they could have been traded with me and I said it was since your binary options trader it’s best that you’re not trade with me go ahead and join Mike’s group to where it’s dedicated binary options signals from different signal providers you see them saying so you know when I kind of process it you know through my mind like you know I was telling Jake I.

Was like ill you know I was I was mistreated but and he uh you know he was telling me in the message he was like uh you know what show me the proof.

Of all of the people that she referred to the group and you know he was you.

Know he’s kind of being like very like kind of short.

It was almost like he didn’t want me there like regardless of if I had showed them I refer like 3,000 people some to your group you know it was it.

Seemed like they was going to remove me anyways so you know I was telling them I was like yo I’m not kind of trade in the group I’m not trying to be I was like the fact that you revoked my admin rights because they revoked my he revoked my admin rights he didn’t.

Even tell me anything so my mere I spy revoked for like a whole two weeks he didn’t he wasn’t man enough to come to me and tell me like yo we removed you for being admin there was no warning and nothing like that you see him saying it was just just kicked me.

Off so when I had message to them about it that’s when we was having a conversation and I told him I was like okay if you don’t want me to be a admin no more that’s fine all you have to do is honor me and Mike’s agreement and me and Mike’s agreement.

Was is that I get to simply post my YouTube videos and.

The group and tell other people about my service that was it and I wasn’t begging people to join I wasn’t up there saying crazy stuff like we had a free week I was glad that I would have a free week because I know that there were people who wanted to trade with me and you know do signals with me that usually.

Join a free week and they don’t feel like they’re really risking anything that they can take that chance and I know a lot of them um yeah a lot of them a lot of them couldn’t even do that anymore you.

See them saying so I think he just tried to quietly write me out of the group and it would just be no problem with no issue and you don’t put this out here in.

The web I hope that this gets shared everywhere because it was very very disrespectful and unethical it’s not the way you do business you know and he was kind of trying to what he was really trying to do because he was like why don’t you just join our group you know join Mike’s group join services with him and I don’t want to do that I’ve had my own service for.

A while I like my service I like the way.

I with my group I like posting my scriptures every morning because I remember now Lisa post scriptures at Mike’s group Valentina used to give me a little crap about it you see them saying I.

Like giving my words mo because I used to be the one I used to give like a little encouraging word.

Before I started this session encouraging worry after I started the session and Valentina made a rule too.

I couldn’t even do that anymore she was one.

Of the admins in the group at the time she treated me pretty maliciously and she actually used to uh she used to mistake my performance so I remember our message there and I was like yo you know I have 100% ID on the day 100% ITM today I was just pumping out hundred-percent ATMs and you know she wouldn’t give me a bonus or she wouldn’t tell Mike to give me a bonus she would say I got like a 50%.

60% I didn’t say nothing about it I just went ahead and took whatever they was doing and I was like you know I just can’t trade I can’t tray here anymore you see them saying and anybody that knows me they know that I try my best to be honest about my performance because when I was in there there were a lot of people who were lying about their whinnery and stuff like if I got in at a certain strike and mush and.

If I got if I said put the signal.

At a certain strike and I got in that something higher and actually strike loss I was still counting signals loss even if I warned the signal had a better strike but when it.

Comes to other members I remember that they used to count deliveries offer their strike that they supposedly got and everybody else would be like out of money like yo we didn’t even win you know in the signal.

Because you’re posting if other people is not just for you you know but yeah I was mistreated and especially being mistreated from day one and I don’t like it you know so Jacob Jones I’m making.

This video because he was the one that room that unjustly removed me he didn’t even tell me he removed me from the group neither because first he removed me from being an admin after our conversation I told him I was like that’s fine you know I mentioned I just stay in the group I won’t post anything I just wanted to stay in the group because I’ve been there for.

So long and removed me from the group blocked me.

As a friend and block the message stress I couldn’t message him back mind you guys I was harassing this guy at all we had a very.

Normal conversation and the old I think only reason why the conversation was out because he wanted to get into my group for free so that he can check out how many members I had and see whether or not I was really referring people to my group and all that kind of stuff bro my group is none.

Of your business like if I say that this is what I’ve been doing you don’t have to take my word for it but I’m pretty sure if you were going to my group and actually how many people have joined because of maybe my YouTube channel whatever.

Will probably be of thousands of people who probably say oh yeah we heard about you from Terry Sano and we wanted to join Mike’s group you know.

And like I said that’s not a boastful thing but the point is is that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you like I’m the only person and that was that was in that group that actually has a YouTube channel and I was promoting them so heavily I had so much respect for every last no one I don’t know the signal providers personally but I had so much respect for the group the format of the group and how they did their singles and stuff but now I can no.

Longer promote them anymore I can no longer stand side by side with them I was very very.

Mistreated and I’m kind of upset about it because I couldn’t even get a contact with Mike I couldn’t even get in contact with Mike – under.

Our agreement and I told Jacob Jones’s plenty of times in the message like yo I think me I told him that I don’t think it’s fair that he does anything without Mike’s permission because me and Mike had an agreement I didn’t make any agreements with him so I told him I told him that in his response was this st.

No more things have changed and I was.

Like okay that’s fine but let him tell me that it’s the.

Same thing as if you guys ever had a phone contract let me talk about to just give you guys.

An example if you had a phone contract with t-mobile you had a two year contract right and your price for that contract was $50 and they don’t offer the.

Service anymore for $50 it will be unjust for t-mobile to break the contract and start charging you the new price of $70 per month when it was offering you for $50 per month it’s called that you’re being grandfathered in so even though terms and conditions and stuff have changed you are still signed in on the old contract and the only way that.

That can be broken as if you and Timo will come to an agreement about the old contract so the thing is with Mike he has never personally told me that.

It is his group like he has left the group all I heard this was from Jacob Jones I know he said he was gonna stop trading for a while but he warned people that means I’ve been in the group for a while but he.

Never told me that it wasn’t his group anymore he also never mentioned to me that I was being removed or that I had the right to be removed or that his agreement could be broken so you know like I said man I was treated unjustly it was wrong and very disrespectful I can’t promote the grew to be group anymore and you know I was kind.

Of considering not promoting promoting anyone more because on their.

Telegram channel signals was very expensive you know I don’t know for sure about the prices but I think some of the prices was like $40 per week or something.

Like that I think is crazy where my singles only $25 per month so you know I already knew people who was paying for some of that men.

Know that they had to probably be like not know of anything cheaper oh that was probably their only option but the signal.

Quality is probably good enough for you to pay that but the point that I’m making is is that I feel like it’s going to turn into like a real big money-making thing my prediction is that the signal providers would be more hungry about getting money out of people and the prices were either one stay expensive to they’ll go up or three does you start treating people.

Like crap and because I remember those at one point they was booting people out of the group about a hundred and those all because of their emotions and how.

Upset that they were with people that was.

Joining my group and if somebody.

Was a friend with me they were removing from the group if somebody was joining my group they were removing from the group if somebody even said my name in the group they will block them and remove.

Them from the group this is thousands of people who was removed because of me and I apologize for anybody.

Who went through that phase of being removed because of because I didn’t want it to be that way but mind you it was a good reason because they realized I did nothing wrong I was very respectful always under the group always promoted it and I was kept in a.

High esteem and good thought and even even right here in the.

YouTube car on my own YouTube channel I still always promoted their service so you.

Know I think I just think I was doing wrong man I was unjustly removed and it was be honest with you guys it was really because of the signal providers and mainly Jacob Jones the people that was in the group they were very jealous.

And upset that I’ll be posting videos talk about we’re getting four hundred percent profit nine hundred percent profit prior to him they really didn’t like that but I’ll be real to you if I was posting the video talking about.

Getting fifty percent profit per ITN and I had a 13 percent win.

Would remove you from the group.

They would say Amen post all the videos and stuff that you want to we don’t mind but because it came into a dog-eat-dog world and because we became into a competin kind of thing or.

The conflict of interest whatever maybe it was like you know what we got to get this dude out here because whatever he’s offering even if we haven’t taken it before it just sounds too good and they had to remove me you see them saying so I know people there and they’re now they’re trading binary option signals and their trade in life they’re getting sixty five to seventy five percent profit per ITM on binary signals and they’re getting like sixty to seventy percent win rates they say is.

Like eighty to ninety percent.

Sometimes but everybody can’t enter in on those signals and so those sets are artificial they’re not real stats when you count the sick the.

Strikes that everybody can enter in on not the ones that the signal provider magically got they were the ones that everybody can enter in.

On and you’re usually getting that sixty to seventy percent signal signal range and you’re you’re profiting seventy seventy percent seventy five percent per ITN and simple forex options right now we’re doing thirty seventy so we’re profiting.

Torches at thirty four percent per ITM and we were doing 40 percent prior to him and was doing 90 percent prior to him of course they shot us in the foot somewhat but reality is is that the profit margins are way larger and it looks more attractive which is probably why they removed me from the group because.

They did probably didn’t want their services looking like crap you see them saying and like the like and my honest opinion breath I don’t care because we’re not competing with each other like we saw supposed to be on the same team but in reality it didn’t feel that way it was it turned into.

A dog-eat-dog world everybody started competing from four members I wasn’t even trying to get people to.

Sign up with me I just wanted to promote my services let people know about what I’m doing if they make that choice that’s then you say I’m saying so yeah I just wanted to put that out there I can no longer promote the service.

My soapbox I can’t promote the service anymore I don’t know what they’re doing right now I’m not sure if anybody knows about it just hit me up but yeah I can’t promote it any more I don’t have any relationships with the admins anyways because it’s been so long since.

I really had conversations with any of them the ones I really respected the most was a faisal ensnared but I hadn’t had a conversation with.

Them in almost more than a year it’s been a long time since I had a conversation with him so I don’t know what they’re doing I don’t know what they offering but I do know that the prices that they’re offering people is crazy absurd I.

Also know this for a fact there are signal providers that I’ve seen in their group.

Just the names I know for a fact they used to scam.

People I won’t say nothing about that but some of them they used to be kind of questionable and scam because I remember they used to message me about some crazy stuff and some.

Trying to join forces with them and do stuff with them and I always said no because I didn’t trust him so you know I’m actually shocked that.

Jacob Jones has enough supposedly intellect to have them admins in his group and for some reason he kicked me out the supposed epical guy so uh yep let me get off my soapbox man I don’t want to come off boastful a problem so please I apologize if anything I said sounded boastful or prideful.

I just felt like I was mistreated and I wanted to let you guys know about that that you guys.

Know what kind of people you are paying for my G and Mike’s group Mike says he’s not the leader anymore you then you don’t.

Run the group anymore supposedly Jacob Jones is the person who’s running a group and you know just think about.

It’s not just what the signals but you want to work with people as ethical and honest and I was very very much treated I was booted from being admin without no recognition or saying anything to me about it and it was all a conspiracy be on it.

Because people didn’t just the admins didn’t want me promote my services no they didn’t want me prefer to promote my services.

No more I was kicked out of the group I didn’t even expect that I didn’t actually be removed I told him I want to stay.

In there he moved me from the group anyways he blocked blocked me as a friend and he blocked my messages so I couldn’t even message.

Him back to accent why he removed me so he just removed me and I guess he tried to write me off for the face of the trading earth and just leave it at that so alright guys I’ll see you guys.

Later like I said I may come out with some.

Some strategy videos are talking about certain indicators and all that kind of stuff like that so just keep your eyes open.

For that but yeah just keep your eyes open for that we’re bout to go into the month of August that actually starts this Sunday if you want to join just message me the link will be in the description for simple Forex options me for my Facebook page so you can message me to join super Forex options and what you get talking about getting you in.

There so alright guys enjoy love you all Jeannie we love you all please trade with ethical people man make good decisions be smart with your money don’t do nothing crazy nothing stupid Charlie your best to keep in line with what professional traders are doing.

There how much they’re profiting because this profiting all of this money and all that kind of stuff can kind of get you.

Chasing go being too ambitious and you shoot yourself in the foot just keep it conservative keep it simple and make good decisions and you’ll be able to live well as a trader so thank you all love y’all deuces.


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