Hey what’s going on guys my name is Tom I’m Eric I’m Brendon and Oh welcome to FB too if you guys didn’t know we’re on the FPE 2 community team we do a ton of cool stuff here on the FB 2 channel and we have a collab going up on Eric in my channel so make sure to go.

Check that out these guys have channels too we were today oh we didn’t put their links so today we.

Are going to be doing some cards against humanity’ Araki’s play with cards yes or no yes.

Alright cars against humanity is a card game against humanity where we have I don’t actually remember how to play we’ve got a little bit of a twist though whoever gets the least amount of black cards.

Get the punishment that will be sent in from the fans it’s gonna be a juicy one – okay I’m feeling it out let’s go there might actually be juice in the pond it probably will the.

Category is what did Vin Diesel eat for dinner uh Weissach did Vin Diesel eat for dinner star of The Fast and the Furious franchise and other movies such as The Chronicles of Riddick and xxx State of Union or pacifier bookstore alright I want different cards I don’t know if I read it so what did then diesel eat for dinner I’m chef he ate.

Yeah he ate testicular torsion oh that’s when your nuts get twisted siding Toni Morrison’s vagina who is Tony Morrison Ellison I like strong men eat strong men that’s funny but testicular torsion you know nuts for dinner yeah a little more can you say right I’m not sure who Tony Morrison is so you know what I am gonna go it Arnold Schwarzenegger I don’t know anymore.

Plunger to the face you guys both know that sounds weird breast pads I have a plunger a flashlight Oh guys come on a little bit branded dear baby I could have swore if we put that car down so we can make that sound Oh next from JK Rowling Harry Potter and the Chamber of Blink that’s how I thought they should have had every Harry.

Potter’s evil there’s just different things next from JK Rowling Harry Potter and the Chamber of mouth.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of incest Oh God next from taking Harry Potter in the chamber of anal beads that something smells in there brings a whole new meaning to the pure blood Oh such a nerd joke okay I’m gonna go with mouth herpes yeah guys what hope sobhana unwind everybody to keep in.

Mind Michelle please yeah I agree with that well you know talking the other day and actually tell me that sexual peak helps them online but then he’s like that’s not at all just you wait guys cuz also joining that gets in the bathtub you know really after a long day.

Of all that Obama likes to run out of semen running out of semen I met with his wife weird Michelle what’s that smell oh what’s that smell let me tell you that smell is who roams the cosmos George Clooney’s there trying to keep the communist regime up out of all of these I’m gonna go to nipple blades you didn’t like the political yeah I’m just trying to have a good game maybe she’s.

Born with it maybe it’s Tara maybe he’s born with it maybe it’s blank maybe she’s born with it maybe it’s completely unwarranted confidence.

That makes sense chuckle yes maybe she’s born with it maybe it’s white privilege she’s born with it maybe it’s clams what’s your secret oh it’s clear.


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