We have a david pakman show subreddit at david pakman.
com slash our EDD IT some very interesting posts on the subreddit that i noticed this morning the first a question should Democrats abandon Florida and what the poster argues is that it’s clear that the state is never going to turn out for Democrats it’s also clear that Democrats waste a.
Lot of money on Florida and they never win so.

Should Democrats abandon Florida and focus on purple states and blue states I totally disagree Florida is a purple state Florida is a state that Democrats.

Do sometimes win in and yeah.

I sort of half jokingly mentioned yesterday in our post-election wrap-up that it seems in Florida you can.

Run anybody against anybody and you’ll end up or somewhere between half a point and two and a half points apart and that that can be.

Frustrating but I think Florida given Florida’s population and thus the number of electoral votes the number of congressional districts it would be a massive mistake.

For Democrats to abandon Florida and I just.

Disagree with the premise that Democrats can’t win in Florida they have one in Florida many times also from the david pakman show subreddit this is i love this a user who goes by pepperoni pizza bagels posted i’m.

Quite possibly the only registered.

Democrat in my area they changed my polling location they changed my polling location every election so now it’s a 21 mile round trip from my home they’ll never suppress my vote I love it I absolutely love it and I think it’s also a good.

Know I I live a one minute walk literally a one minute walk from where I vote here in Boston and so many of us take for granted what it takes to just go and vote and we have absolutely no understanding of what’s going.

On elsewhere in the country and so when we hear about polling locations closed I mean if you shut down my polling location and the five other closest polling locations that probably extends my commute to vote to a five minute drive right so like we’re in a different universe than what’s going on in much of the United States and that’s why this is such a key and important issue and I really appreciate the post and the fact that this.

Person is voting pepperoni pizza bagels alright and lastly from the david pakman show subreddit playback speed at which speed do you play the david pakman show podcast or youtube videos you know pat it never occurred to me that.

Someone might be listening to us on like 2x playback speed but some people are and I don’t know if I should be offended or if it should be sort of a compliment that we’re communicating so clearly that even at double speed people.

Are able to take in everything that we’re saying I think people are just busy and they want to be.

As efficient as possible I know when I have to listen to some Trump.

Rambling speech or like a State of the Union by him I always play.

That at 2x speed but no whenever I watch back the show.

I actually slow it down I do it at 0.

I want to capture every second of it yeah Pat doesn’t want to miss any details in terms of what what I what I’m saying on the program which is very very nice you can join the david pakman show subreddit at david pakman.com slash our IDI di t today’s program was.

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