This is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit this recording is by mark smith of simpsonville south carolina the mysterious island by Jules Verne part 1 chapter 10 in a few minutes the three hunters were before a crackling fire the captain and the reporter were there.
Bancroft looked from one to the other his capybara in his.

Hand without saying a word well yes my brave fellow cried the reporter fire real.

Fire which will roast the splendid pig perfectly and we will have a feast presently but who lighted it asked Pencroft the son Gideon spilitt was quite right in his reply it was the son which had furnished the heat which so astonished Pencroft the Sailor could scarcely believe his eyes and he was so amazed that he did not think of questioning the engineer I do a burning glass sir asked.

Harding and no my boy replied he but i made one and he showed the apparatus which served for a.

Burning glass it was simply two glasses which he had taken from his own and the reporters watches having filled them with water and rendered their edges adhesive by means of a little clay he thus fabricated a regular burning glass which concentrating the solar.

Rays on some very dry moss soon caused it to blaze the Sailor considered the apparatus then he gazed at the engineer without saying a word only a look plainly.

Expressed his opinion that if Cyrus Harding was not a magician he was certainly no ordinary man at last speech returned to him and he. spilitt note that down on your paper it is noted replied the reporter then Ned helping him the seamen arranged the spit and the kokuboro properly cleaned was soon roasting like a suckling pig before a clear crackling fire the chimneys had again become more habitable not only because the passages were.

Warmed by the fire but because the partitions of wood and mud have been reestablished it was evident that the engineer and his companions had employed their day well Cyrus Harding had almost.

Entirely recovered his strength and had proved it by climbing to the upper plateau from this point his eye accustomed to estimate heights and distances was.

Fixed for a long time on the cone the summit of which he wished to reach the next day the mountain situated about six miles to the northwest appeared to him to measure 3,500 feet above the level of the sea consequently the gaze of an observer posted on its summit would extend over a radius of at least 50.

Miles therefore it was probable that Harding could easily solve the question of island.
Or continent to which he attached so much importance they supped capital.

E the flesh of the capybara was declared excellent their Sargassum and the almonds of the stone pine completed the repast during which the engineer spoke little he was preoccupied with projects for the next day once or twice Bancroft gave forth some ideas upon what it would be best to do but.

Cyrus Harding who was evidently of a methodical mind only shook his head without uttering a word tomorrow he repeated we shall know what we have to depend upon and we will act accordingly.


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