Okay welcome everyone it’s Kevin LaRocca here with binary pro strategies today is October 23rd and we just had another outstanding day if you’ve been watching my videos one of the things that I mentioned yesterday is whenever we get into a choppy period and yesterday was definitely choppy and we did come out a green but not not by a.

Lot I did mention that I love days like that because that tells me we have much better days coming.

The market will flow a lot easier following typically a choppy day and that’s exactly what we saw today also.

I am early in the morning yesterday was just it was in and out it wasn’t across the board on all the currency pairs we’re today early in the morning.

We had good um throughout and we just had a lot of really good market action and so it was.

Just a very easy day to trade today and I just love days like this now where a lot of people go wrong is people get.

In the choppy days like yesterday and they have a tough time they say I’m just not going to trade the next.

Day and they miss some really really good action and or they get into a day like today and they do extremely well and they think you know they’ve got the Holy Grail and they come back the next day and they trade a little heavy and they in the end up blowing themselves out so seeing how we had a really nice day the day obviously I’m going to be a little bit more cautious tomorrow on how I trade but let me show you some.

Numbers before I do let me show you my very first core trade and this is a strategy that I teach everybody you start off learning the core method because the way it’s designed there’s a lot of components to it but the way it’s designed is you want to always buy for at least 48 and less and always sell it the option for.

Yourself for 52 and more and that’s exactly what we did on the very first trade there I know everybody in chat caught this this morning I ended up actually getting in at 47 75 just a little bit better.
Than 48 and that’s exactly what happened as soon as I get.

And this is the this is the euro I’m sorry this is the Aussie USD this is a 5-minute chart up here this one once again is one minute and it came down and of course when I.

Put in my orders they go in as good till canceled during that particular timeframe and if I don’t get my 48 if I’m trying to buy it then I just don’t get it in this case the markets bike down put me in and as you can see rally back up so I caught every bottom of this move here which was amazing I mean typically they don’t catch the bottom like that and all she does go up and of.

Course you know holding this thing for five minutes and it’s settled up here so it was a beautiful trait and that’s the way things were all day to day.

So I started off with the core method hit my objective first thing in the morning on the very first trade he had other core traits come in all profitable and then I switched over to my nibble strategy and the nibble strategy is good because it’s just.

Taking little chunks out of the market every day and it’s based on my crystal ball.

Method which I teach and the crystal ball method is basically just giving me.

A heads up what the market wants to do over the next three or four minutes and then that’s all I do I wait for that indicate that’s really not an indicator but I’ll wait for that that method the show that’s going to either go up or go down and and I just.

It and I write it out for two or three minutes and that’s what I did and ended the day and I was pretty concerned they didn’t really do any happy numbers she’s pretty light did a few tens here and there.

But nothing really really heavy ended up making eight hundred five dollars for the day I know I had another gentleman in there he made over seven hundred dollars today and everybody I checked with in the chat room all came out ahead some were maybe 60 bucks some stopped at the fifty dollar mark but following just a quart raise you would have been fine but if you follow the nibble.

Trades obviously you would have done quite well so anyway that’s it if you’d like to learn.

More about my core method you can go ahead and get a hold of my free fundamental video which I through kind of the basics of what I do for the core it’s not I don’t cover the crystal ball method.

I don’t cover the nibble strategy that’s something that I do for subscribers.

But nonetheless you can get an idea kind of the way I look at the market look at the marks a little bit differently than most people and I think that’s why I’ve been successful because I kind of have designed everything that I do is based around kind of the way the markets work so that’s it that’s it till tomorrow be back on.

Wednesday and I will do my next recap on all the trades that I made and that is it for tonight thank you and.

Take care okay so here we are so as I mentioned earlier if you are interested in getting the the free fundamental video which I am going.

To offer for your charge right now for a limited time all you have to do is just go to binary Pro strategies.com you’re gonna get a little pop-up fill out the information and what I’ll do is I will send you a link it’s actually a link to a private Facebook page where you have access that’s where you’re going to be able to see the fundamental video but you’re also going to be able to look at.

My prior trades because I do post them daily and all these.

Trades or the trays if I demonstrate live in front of my students as I share my charts and I make my.

Trades and I explain and explain and demonstrate to you exactly why I’m making a particular.

Trade what the particular setup is and so forth so it’s very.

Educational but nonetheless.

Nothing’s held back in that fundamentals videos that is the core strategy that I use to make all the trades that you saw today and I’m sure that just taking that video and applying the methods that you see there it’s greatly going to improve.

You do want to go more in depth and really.

Fine-tune it I do offer a service it’s it’s a monthly service where you would then have.

Access to all my other training videos where I go a lot more into detail on each aspect of the course strategy and of course I also give additional what I call actual trade ideas where are there are certain patterns.


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