Favorite karaoke story I’m not a big karaoke er if that’s a word what I find is good to do at karaoke is things everyone can sing along to old Disney songs Frank Sinatra tune Meatloaf’s paradise by the dashboard light anything from Wicked’s i’m we’re loving summertime I feel much more comfortable and a duet I’d do anything from Pocahontas.

Little Mermaid Aladdin nothing from frozen I’d say most karaoke experiences by default are are not fantastic you touch me like this and when you hold me like the.

Hat for me it’s about being funny and sort of like the commitment to entertaining the groups like who tries to sing really well I’m so sorry I have to interrupt you you try.

To be funny you gotta if you’re feeling it then they’ll feel it I’ve seen people take it so seriously I mean honestly I’ve respected them for it you just think about yourself no one else is in the room not everyone is.

Just one flavor to me I say still use the props use the space but use it because you feel it like if.

Karaoke is kind of a remarkable thing we have you know I’m a senior house everyone sings it’s not on you and it’s a joyous experience everyone if I’m a karaoke it’s gonna be all about me no because remember karaoke is all about your friends being miserable you.


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