Liberal lunatics cheer after they saw what Melania did to trump as she boarded marine one by sassy Liberty for freedom for 25 years or for however long Bill Clinton has been a national figure the media have trained brainwashed Americans not to care about the following a politician’s personal life for politicians sex life a politician lying about sex.

A politician’s extramarital affairs a politician lying about extramarital affairs a politician committing perjury to cover up an extramarital affair apparently we are not even supposed to care if the President of the United States has sex in the.

Oval Office with a young intern and then accused by a handful of other women of sexual harassment groping and rape for 25 years the media morality police have told Americans they are electing a president not a not the Pope so why the sudden puritanical outrage with regard to President Trump and.

His supposed affair from 2006 with a Playboy bunny long before he was president or even a political figure and.

It never seems to end enter People magazine in their breathless headline Melania Trump breaks tradition again doesn’t walk to marine one with husband amid new affair drama.

Lady Melania Trump broke tradition and traveled to marine one without husband Donald Trump on Friday amid the new allegations that the president had an affair with former Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal it’s protocol for the first couple to walk across the White House South.

Lawn together before leaving for marine one instead as the Trump’s had for parkland Florida on Friday to.

Meet with victims of the mass shooting there the first lady drove to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland separately ahead of her husband Cian and reported with her schedule today it was easier to meet at the plane Stephanie Grisham the first lady’s communication director told people in a statement Grisham confirmed that mrs.
Accompany her husband when he visits the victims of the mass shooting.

Earlier on Friday an explosive New Yorker report detailed Trump’s alleged affair with mcdougal based in part on an eight-page account handwritten by the former.
Playboy model herself in the account McDougald claimed she had a.

Nine-month long sexual relationship with Trump starting in 2006 and they met during a taping of The Apprentice at the Playboy Mansion in Los.

Angeles the alleged affair began less than two years after Trump married Melania and a few months after the birth of his son Barron now 11 news flash America knew that Donald Trump like blade ease his relationship with various and sundry women have been tabloid fodder for gossip for decades this is not a surprise no one in America would even.

Half a brain elected Donald Trump as the President of the United States based on his morality and his success in monogamous relationships I totally agree with that President Trump likes beautiful women and has never made a secret of that he has married and dated and yes left with models actresses and Playboy Bunnies for years as a man.

Of me of means yeah women flocked to him as well despite all of that he seems to have been an active participant in the lives of his five children helping to raise them and support them in to productive members of society I totally agree.

With that true that in and of itself speaks volumes when former vice presidential hopeful Tim Kane’s son is actively being arrested for participating in antiphon events and writing because he disagrees with someone else’s pointed you of you me and while those of us that actually think rather than recite mindless dribble in gossip know that America elected President Trump because Hillary Clinton was more of the same corrupt garbage that exists in Washington if not double dose even double it’s more like you can’t even count a known.

Figure even from as far back as Little Rock Arkansas when Bill was governor and hillary was arkansas as first lady president trump denies ever having an affair with mcdougal with the white house wraps issuing a statement saying this is an old story that is just more fake news the president says he never had a relationship with mcdougal I could care less whether he did or not how about that meanwhile the king the fake news CN n you know they’re gonna run with this crap breathlessly reports more gossip.

Fodder on the alleged affair stating a stating of milania’s breaks the tradition they’ll try to do anything this isn’t the first break with tradition the first lady has showed in the.

Wake of all allegations of her husband’s and discretion she drove separately from the presidents of the US Capitol to attend the State of the Union address on January 30th the White House said the unusual move was so she could attend a reception.

With the guests joining her in the first lady’s box and connect with them on a more personal level but it marked her first public appearance public event after the.

Wall Street Journal first reported a payment made to pornstar stormy Daniels who allegedly had an affair with Trump in 2006 four months after Melania Trump gave birth to the couple only Son.

Baron the president has denied the affair took place but the Wall Street Journal reported on Trump reported Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen paid Daniels a hundred and thirty grand to keep it.

Covered up Cohen also released a statement on behalf of Daniels calling the report absolutely false Cohen had admitted paying her the money out of his own pocket however who cares it seems some one is looking for their 15 minutes of fame and it is not above riding the president’s hotel to do so all the while the leftist media propaganda machine puts their own hypocrisy.

On full display for everyone to see who cares it he can have a a Playboy model every night I could care less he’s still the President of the United States he didn’t rape anybody.

And he didn’t kill anybody like these that like Hillary Clinton and Bill do you see the difference okay let’s say he did who cares even if he didn’t who cares.

Now what they have marital problems okay you know I’m not saying it’s a piece of cake but listen you get married to the Donald you gotta expect a couple of things you know and and he is a good father and he does take care of his family.

And he’s a respectful human being now he’s not a he’s not a saint even if he did that’s why it has to.


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