You already know someone’s in trouble too another video I am super Narvel and today we found out that the menu music has released the menu theme has dropped for Super Smash Bros ultimate and we gotta listen to it I want to take a listen to it right now now you’re probably saying oh come on it’s not a big.

Deal it’s just the menu music why do you gotta make a video out of every little bit of Smash Bros news why do these youtubers make news out of everything and.
Listen here listen here right now.

More important than the main.

Theme okay yo you will be listening to this song more than the actual main theme the only times you are listening to the main theme is one when you’re opening up the game and then two when you’re looking at me both the menu music you are listening to that all the time you know there’s gonna be those instances when you want to text back your girl in between.

Games get some food Oh or when.

Brains is going blank and you’re thinking about hey I’ve been playing this game all day what should I do now should I do.
Glory some subspace how about some target smash I don’t.

Know I’ve done it all I’ve been playing this game for about eight hours so I don’t know what to do next you.

Actually just turn it off but no then I’m gonna be bored what do I do those times there have been so many times when it was either brawl.

Or smash board I was just sitting there and the menu music is just it’s stuck in my head at this point especially for brawl I just that was like my childhood just the menu music.

Going on in the background and I’m just you know distracted by something else whatever it is so yeah we’ve already heard the main theme now it’s time to listen to the menu music I wonder how Nintendo feels about this I wonder if.

Someone’s in trouble for all these weeks happening you know alright so let’s listen to this alright Oh do you hear this hold on hold on hold on imagine this is what you can listen to as you are you know thinking of your next match and stuff.

Think about it you just did you get the game over and solo and then you get to go back and listen to whoo I can rock with this I’m telling you it’s important you’re gonna be hearing this music all the time so this.
Is important oh I hear the little bass in there the.

Little bass it’s always just like an instrumental lies version of the main theme mmm I like it I can rock with this it’s a little better than the main theme Loki Loki I’m just saying.

Loki just a little bit I can definitely yo most of my time playing this game instead of just be chillin on the menu I would just listen to this well forget playing.

The game like I can just listen to this Oh Oh yo ah hey hey this is tough.

I cannae I can just yo all right I’m.

Not gonna play the whole thing cuz you know but yo though this was good this.

Was really really good I think that’s the best menus theme I’ve heard from any Smash Bros game of course.

The other ones are good I really like melees but it’s just not as.

Catchy and I’ve never had to compare it to the main theme like this whoo they’re putting an effort I’d see why they’d be mad that this is getting leaked so early.


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