Yo guys what is going on and welcome to me and JJ reacting to random internet stuff I’ve done this a lot with Toby I thought you know what it’s time for someone else to do it I don’t know I do lose another black go to do know it was because I’m doing it you’re the guest okay I asked.

You guys on Twitter for some videos for us to react to.

I chose the most liked ones.

And stuff so if they’re terrible it’s your fault but we’re gonna be reacting to them we’re starting off with a SIV Logan pool fight explained through music okay okay don’t worry they’re not all about you or boxing okay this is the only one okay let’s let’s give it let’s get a chart going every time I try to throw him off me I got penalized for.

It sounds like I fine I’ll just stay there we’re gonna just be hugging each other safe we move on to ninja he played with Ellen recently the deleted cut I.

Feel like it’s not gonna be a deleting I know how YouTube works how are you how are you not in.

Fucking school no that’s it that’s what he used to be like that’s what a ninja used to.

Be like when you played pop G oh wow that’s how he got famous obviously he is very good as well and now he’s just now he’s a role model oh how is she so calm fun doesn’t tranquila mean like quiet she literally shows that the mum to be quiet no no no watch the baby’s.
Being attacked shut up and I should just take.

The baby so oh my god porn to be so far sometimes I think I’ve seen this policy the Congressional Medal of that why is he just laughing oh my god yeah that’s just bull get it I’m the cook why should.

Go Bilka the bow what why does she have milk in her mouth whoa just pour gasoline on the floor set it on fire you and win by your drink and came back just so you could get here so you could.

Get too caught for your attention he looks like you know the guy from spider-man who owns the newspaper journalism that’s the one David Seaman no no wait let’s see know that if you put a hat on that okay now David Seaman are you put him now David Seaman okay that is a hundred percent more like David David Seaman with a hat what that with a hat.

Put in the comments which one you thing this is very recent very high on reddit or is this the one that was on Twitter yeah raaah if you’re in the middle that you fought he’s like Oh back off and try again also the hell something so intelligent we aren’t allowed to have it.

As an answer what guy is 1 million IQ all right the final video is a little compilation we’re gonna watch a little bit of it if you don’t do you know what tick tock is yeah what was it.

What was the original thing musically it’s like people doing lip-syncing oh my god to be like the girl does it and then I’ve seen one before way it’s like the girl does it and the guy is meant to.

Do that and then she puts her own hand here and goes like that and then they pretend to make out I don’t know.

What I thought of those videos I’ve decided tick-tock is the devil yeah if you do tick-tocks it will never stop it needs to be start with some all these.

Kids doing dumb shit that was you my friend thank you guys for watching leave a like if you enjoyed check out JJ whatever no thanks for watching peace she wants to be my one night now she wants me.


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