Today I thought I’d take a tongue-in-cheek look at the useful side of a red-hot knife for instance if you like roasted marshmallows and you haven’t got a campfire don’t just use your blowtorch to cook them no use your red-hot knife and cook them straight down the middle nice and golden if you’ve got an odd number of biscuits and.

You need to share them with someone make it fair and just slice them straight down the middle it.

Can also be useful if you’re struggling to open something because you can’t quite grip it properly this Nesquik was over two years out of date so I thought I’d give it the red-hot knife treatment and I guess after all of that sugar you might need to do your teeth this is an old.

Toothbrush which are used to use for cleaning stuff but if you’ve realized you’ve put the wrong toothpaste on your brush you can use a red-hot knife to.

Help you remove it and it’ll still leave you with a few bristles and.

If you’ve ever wondered how they get those nice stripes in the toothpaste you can just cut it open and take a.

Look pretty cool huh and finally if you’ve had a stressful day trying to figure out what on earth is inside your stress ball you can use a hotknife to take a closer look and I.

Might show you how to make one of these in a future video I hope you’ve enjoyed this video I’ll be launching my final.

Red hot knife video on Friday then after that it’s back to normal stay safe have fun and as always thanks for watching.


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