It’s over nine right guys my name is James collection if you’re funny for the first time high five a nerdy collector and an ebay reseller we have two things to look at you just saw a sneak peak of one of them there is just there and it is a green thing but we also have a Funko pop to.
Unbox it is one of the comic-con exclusives I’ve got.

It from pop culture it came with a bundle of four or five different.

Pops but this is the only one I’m keeping the rest of them I’m just getting rid of so right the display I paid 15 pounds including delivery and fees for this is essentially just made out of foam um this is a little bit more heavy-duty I will cut my finger probably shouldn’t get in the video so there is it looks to be some sort of a print.

It looks to be very decent quality as well so that’s not so bad the rest of it is just foam as you guys can see I’m leaving a lie I’ve dropped this already so if.

You do get one of these don’t drop it because you’ll see there’s white up.

There and there’s white on that corner so we’re not asked a guy what colors he used to set.

Up like in just yeah cover up the mistakes that I’ve.

Made yeah it’s it’s cool it’s supposed to be Planet Namek it’s not as blue as I would like for planet namek however this isn’t supposed to be my one either Sedlar I’ve got this going spared do you want it for a tenner plus postage so yeah why the hell not now.

I think for this one I’m not quite sure.

I’m going to do yet but I might either put a freezer and old your interesting Goku on.

It or I will put who’s our rube Ajit on it and if I just show you guys very very quickly without hopefully breaking anything with a bigger backdrop it would look quite cool as you guys.

Can see now it probably suits the Azhari much better because of the size of the Great Ape is just bloody huge but I’ve also got some little tiny figures I’ve got a tiny freezer which could sit just there and a tiny Goku which could sit down here which again looks quite unique no one else is going to have this apart from me which I do quite like so I think now that I’ve actually done it I think when you.

Keeper is this for now but yeah that’s I’ve got another one coming hopefully so when that comes we’ll throw some figures on it and.

We’ll see what it looks like I probably.

Stick a few picks up an Instagram but that’s nothing to display.

Let’s get to the pop so we have a full Comic Con exclusive Funko pop it is Dragon Ball Z number 154 Super Saiyan Vegeta in the blue metallic chrome type thing.

As you can see I’ve got a gold one back there and it’s exactly the same mold as the normal one five four which you guys can’t see but it’s that one there it’s the AAA exclusive.

A young exclusive which i think is is it American anime or is Asia I can’t remember it’s been so long but yeah this is quite cool you can pop and you can see just through the box a.

Bit detail that so be fair it’s just a straightforward mold I’ll completely murdered a bomb in that box look at that that resell value has this shot straight down and it’s got a hold the bomb which I’ve.

Never noticed before he’s got a stand okay maybe in a slightly different mold oh it does.


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