Todays diwali special recipe is a perfect easy dessert recipe, and we will make this sweet dish using apples These are all the ingredients required to make todays diwali special sweet dish Apples are available throughout the year, now we will cut slices of a apple We won’t be using top and bottom slice of the apple Apple slices has to.

Too thick nor too thin Remove the centre seed bit of the apple with a knife Now add 3 to 4 spoons of.

All purpose flour in a bowl Add two.

Spoons of semolina to it Add.

Quarter spoon of cardamom powder and mix well Add and mix water to it Add little water at a time to avoid lumps formation We will be coating apple slices with this mixture.

So don’t make the mixture too thin Perfect consistency mixture is ready for coating Now to make sugar.
Syrup add half cup water to a hot pan And add 1/3rd cup sugar to it Let it.

Cook at low flame for now Meanwhile add some oil in a pan to fry apple slices Now coat apple slices in.

For frying when oil heats up Splash oil all over and don’t let them stick together While coating apply a thick layer.

Because while frying apples release their juice and thick coating will help frying them better Flip and fry brom all sides After frying for about 3 minutes when they appear a little golden.

In color, they are ready Take them out of hot oil Now in our other pan sugar is well dissolved in water Add 1/4 spoon of cardamom powder to it.

And mix well Bring sugar syrup to boil We’ll be making one string sugar syrup for this Means when we could make a string of sugar like this, then its ready Now add fried apple slices to sugar syrup Flip and let them absorb sugar syrup from both sides Cover and let them sit in sugar syrup for a minute and they are ready to serve Garnish these apple slices with coconut powder And garnish with some chopped pistachio nuts.

This is a perfect sweet dish to serve after dinner, so do try this recipe at home If you liked my video then please.

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