Hi and welcome to join celebrating for October 25th 2018 first and most important thing I want you to know today is I really appreciate you joining us and watching and and hopefully we’re bringing some joy and some ideas for things that you can incorporate to celebrate and just enjoy life every day that said I’d like to ask for.

Some feedback is there something about these shows that you would like to see a little different maybe.
A list of other things other national days that we.

Don’t talk about or that we don’t participate in just so you can have a better list of things that you could think about using or maybe there’s a type of segment or something that you’d like to see in any case I’d like to know you know how is this going.
For you I can take my own way of looking.

Know what I enjoy doing and the days that are coming up and things that I don’t want to share with with my family and with you but I.

Can’t read your mind so please let me know what you think if you.

Have any feedback greatly appreciate it do have a fun day I think tomorrow or how the moon day and looking forward to sharing that with you as well there’s other things coming up but for today I’m gonna take joy in knowing that I’m starting to feel a lot better from the illnesses last week that you get to do something so much fun for me and a family and share some of these weird holidays with you so thank you again and whatever you end up doing today please take.

Time to find joy in celebrating today.



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