I don’t care I’m gone I don’t care I’m in my own we’re not they say check lost it checks frosted and that’s exactly what you find up under tech fall shit put our eggs cross it cuz tech bosses and you’ll concur if ever you click and pick up text off it says demons trying to fly but they cannot.

Reach the speakers way too high in the sky only time we see you slam this is when we transmit from Mike let’s against your evil language and shit angle best life’s for you to break.

Up with a cabbage I turned up and you know that that lies in a rutabaga obviously something someone for freedom for real and.

You pick up my blue blaze up on my friend us in a shoot us nature hey I’ll make you shuffle your feet buckle the weed stepping on me I give your knuckles to a a in my soul until I see you shovel you seek knocking a couple of teeth that’s a couple’s retreat yeah I don’t care.

We’re not there I’m I don’t care I’ve been we’re not there I was on own home those.

Clones follow me down the road like toto code flow kicking the dough and I let my show grow me the track when check.

Here’s another plus we got solo most shows my mojo make the people so glow everything is a scuff remember when it was slo-mo if they talking about me is not it because they too insecure been a home bones gotta cut songs for the stone folks and the funny thing is I don’t touch no phones man I’m all for the web I’m with my people.
Giving home in the leg ok the bar.

Ain’t no clause in my check I had to get it then I got it that’s the cause in the face I gotta respect I know that no one calls me the stresses the stars are my flesh it’s simple stuff how hard it can get the talking is less applause.

Them when they call in collect I won’t spare not there I’m I don’t care motivation I’m circulating the Friday that’s round like that we made it I love the struggle charters I’m nothing I’m bothering them about it never get that burn I’m in better days I used to tell them suckers never mind you get your piece of the pyro better step aside the bottom line we invest it never give up you won’t know it never trial.

Then you start to regret it coz you get better with time just look at tech looking at me like he never lied over time gotta show these suckers how you really move.

I’m a committed dude that’s how I know the journey will improve check it I get to travel and do what niggas would kill to do with a man.

Could’ve sold my soul I was willing to this shit I’m better with most still wit my door open if you both get it baby mamas grocery list in.

My own doughnut mine the legend get that I’m close to it I tell him I’m ready forever grateful I could I gave up but they wouldn’t let me the people need me that door pitchblack I don’t care I’m in my own I won’t spare not in there.
I’m gone I don’t care I’m in my what strives music you..


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