Good morning and welcome to our weekly office hours webcast um if you have questions please type your questions on the right hand side of your browser there and once I see a number of questions are there I’ll start the the webcast and so for those of you just joining us welcome and I hope you join us every little.

Week and you can ask me any type of question you want including business questions career questions personal development questions any questions really.

Usually do is we keep going with the call it doesn’t end until all questions have been exhausted me nobody else has has questions and so if you have questions please type them now Willem I see you’re here this one good morning to you too Mac Bell good morning as well great to have you welcome again if you have questions please type them now and I’ve got I’ve got a couple of backup laptops today because last time remember I it’s like I.

Have a drinking problem or coffee drinking problem I spilled my coffee on my keyboard there so again if you have questions please type them now and once there’s no more questions.

Left in the queue then we’ll we’ll wrap it up so I’m working on my complete business plan course it should be done really soon I’m really excited about it because there’s a there’s going to be about 50 free templates for you to create your own business plan from scratch and I’m creating it also in Microsoft Excel so whatever data you type in will automatically be put in a Microsoft Word into the business plan document.

And the reason I wanted to create that course was because I wanted to help you decide if you should quit your job and start a company or not and since most businesses go belly-up within the first couple of years of being founded I wanted to provide you with a process so that you would have more confidence that you should quit your job and start a.

Company or not and I think that if you write you know 5 or 10 business plans in your life the first couple should be about topics or.

Business models that you write a lot about and you realize it’s not a good business model and so the thing about business is you only have to be right in business one time and so keep trying to keep trying until you hit it bit and you will hit a big if you’re resilient enough and if you’re ok with failure not everybody is but you got to be okay with.

Failure now oh looks like we have a question here or it’s a comment from Geronimo hey Geronimo how are ya I’ve seen your course a story course about finding your.

Passion and purpose in life and I found it amazing well thank you very much Pat.

Geronimo so that’s a free course of mine and by the way if you have questions please type them right now thank you so Geronimo’s were referring to one of my free courses and I have a lot of free courses and it’s called a story course about finding your passion and purpose and life it helped you a goal setting as well.

And so just go to my YouTube me profile and you’ll be able to find it it’s the second most recent course that I published it actually took.

I learned how to write that book by taking another udemy course I took a course by a famous author on udemy I named Jessica Brody and she taught me in that course how to write a fiction book and I wrote.

The book for my kids it’s a short book it’s on Amazon I think it’s free on Amazon as well and it’s it’s called am i alive and.

What the heck happened to me it’s about a dream and it helps you know people my kids what not to live their life on their.

Terms and be confident and do what they’re most happy about in life because the worst they could possibly happen is if you live someone else’s life you know like maybe your parents want you to be a lawyer or an engineer you know but you’re not passionate about it yet you can’t you.

Can’t live your life on someone else’s terms and that that’s a recipe for disaster and depression as well you got to.

Do what what you’re most in life you know what was the reason you were put on this earth you know what’s your what’s your head’s on Delta now what’s your purpose.

And once you find your purpose in life from a professional perspective it won’t feel like you have a job.

It’ll feel like you have passion and and that’s a beautiful thing because I can’t tell how great it feels to wake up every day and do what I love doing but I wasn’t always like this I had a lot of you know pretty miserable jobs and if you have questions please type them here and I’ll answer them in the order I.

Know but I worked on Wall Street and I worked there because I wanted to make money and that’s a disgusting thing I wasn’t happy and it was at a firm called Goldman Sachs I’m sure law you’ve.
Heard of it great firm good people and what happened.

Was every year around Christmas bonus season everybody would get depressed the everyone was given enough.

Money to survive of course but people and the cancer of Western society and Wall Street as we compare ourselves to those.

That make more and so every Wall Street bonuses and people would compare themselves to those make more and it got worse for me you know.

I actually left I went to a hedge fund called Citadel now Citadel recruited me out here on the west coast and I was even more miserable because I left Goldman to make more money disaster disaster okay and the.

Dalai Lama had this great quote and I love it I’m gonna butcher in here I’m sorry but he said the problem with wesa society is that we chase money our entire lives and we sacrifice our health and.
At the end of our lives who sacrifice all of.

Our money to maintain our health and we look back and we realized we never really lived to begin with and so you got to do it your way your passion about in life what you love doing the most.

Otherwise what happens is if you chase money you’ll lose your dreams and your money but if you chase your dreams eventually they’ll come true if you’re okay with failing a couple times and then the money comes accidentally it always does okay okay great so looks like we’ve got a couple of other comments and questions he next question is Geronimo I know might might that that book.
Of mine started slow I apologize for that you’re right.

But but the reason I got creative with it was was this so those you.

Just joining us I wrote a book called um and a course called how to find your purpose passion in life it’s on udemy it’s free like many of my courses and I wrote it for my kids for it for them to find happiness and their job and meaning.

Later in life it’s and there’s a question here how did I get creative and create that well what I do is this I have a rule.

That I’m not allowed to work on Sundays and it’s not a religious thing although our forefathers and foremothers stasi years ago knew in the ten commandments or those ten basic rules whatever that.

You can’t work every day lily crea Burnett and so on day seven Sunday for me it’s a.

Family day and I’m not allowed to work and so what I would do is this I cheated a bit I would go to the gym do the elliptical training and I’d start writing my book.

On the pill trainer I told myself this isn’t work this is fun so anyway that’s that’s where I that’s how I came up with the idea for that time for that book but thank you very much again if you just join us please type your questions here oh wow a ton of them just hit here okay great all right so I’ve got.

A question saying what are my my.

15 goals and can I share them with you sure so every year or two since since my 20s early twenties I would write down my goals and I started off taking a Tony Robbins course on tape I took that on CD and.

Then eventually I got to meet Tony Robbins a couple of years ago not an event but but somewhere else great guy and he influenced me big-time he’s amazing to write down my goals and so every two years I would sit down write down my goals after I would listen to his tape program or DVD program CD program it’s I’m humble say.

That I’ve achieved most of them in life there’s a couple that I haven’t which is get a black belt in karate I got into a car accident I’m totally fine but I kind of messed up my back of it so I can’t I can’t do any more but I’m a.

Very dangerous yellow belt I’ll tell you that.

Another goal of mine was to live where I live now this this tech area whatever for me this is like Hollywood I love technology I’m a nerd and other goals were.

To I don’t know how to try to live forever and not ever but help people make their lives more fruitful and better and for me I get.

Depressed if I don’t do something everyday that helps somebody anyway it’s kind of fun in if you have if your job you currently have is helping other people that’s a beautiful thing that must feel real good I’m sure it feels.

Good for doctors as well if you want to be a doctor alright great so thank you for that for that question Geronimo okay so next question I’ve.

Got is from John are there any restrictions or advantages or advice you have on getting funding funded for a corporation as a as opposed to.

Traditional funding you wrote B Corp I don’t know what that means sorry but if you want you can you can type B Corp.

Terms of how to raise money and by the way I don’t I don’t think anybody should use their own money to start a company unless you have a lot.

Yeah use a little bit just to get going and then get high net-worth investor or a venture capital firm.


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