And a good afternoon and a good morning to some and a good evening to others welcome to the latest in the IO Tahoe series of webinars I’m Steve Friedberg a if you look at your screen on the guy on the bottom and joining me on this webinar is the fellow whose picture is up on the top Tom Smith.
Tom is a research analyst for devatta and these zone.
com tom howdy how are you terrific Steve thanks for having me today I appreciate it well we appreciate your being here what I want to do before we get started is and folks tell.

You tell the folks rather about who you are and what you do etcetera and tell us a little bit about be.

Zona develop okay I’m a reformed marketing executive I joined d-zone about.

Four years ago to help them.

With their marketing and they liked the way I interviewed people so much that I’ve been interviewing IT executives for the last four years and really enjoying getting to know.

All the different folks and the different companies and being able to follow what’s going on in the rapidly changing world of IT deso known and the D stands for developer and we cover about 15 different zones of IT with big data and AI nml being two of those zones also the the heritage of the company it started as Java lobby and so Java is one of our zones.

As is DevOps security check it check out D zone calm you can see the 15 we had a strategic investment by sfw Capital Partners back in October and they have rebranded the holding company devata and so da vada is now the owner of d-zone comm and our software partner answer hub calm or answer hub and that’s a collaboration software that companies like sa P Microsoft and LinkedIn are using to help their developers collaborate and be more efficient so let’s.

Move background on me and Nevada and design so you have made it a point over the last several years of talking with these IT executives also with developers and that plays directly into what we’re going into today because this is a little bit of a right turn for us usually we’re talking a lot more about.

Business value of things like data catalogues smart data discovery and the like today we’re going to focus a little bit more about what the developers are looking at for and some insight that may help them.

Become better at what they do not only in this area but in terms of their career as well quick logistics for today’s webinar if you have any questions if you have any.

Comments with like the Ihram please enter them in the box over to the side of the screen and as you note here we will we are recording this this webinar so Tom anything you say can and will be used ever mind that but it is available at i/o.

– tano comm forward slash webinars and the slides that you’re about to see will be available from.

That site as well and if you have any comments along the way we’d be delighted to see them up on.

Twitter you can submit your questions to i/o Tahoe using the hashtags AI ml and data discovery a couple of the things that Tom and I have been talking about leading up to this and I think we’re going to discuss some pretty in-depth here at least I hope so what are the biggest challenges for developers what do they need to know in today’s environment and.


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