Hello guys and welcome back to a video today I’m going to be teaching you how to be invisible like you can shoot and everything and listen to the sound when you like hit the ground now so I like a little thing it’s like it yeah okay anyways so why you gonna do it’s gonna look something like so you’re.
Gonna use a click your use button use.

The options go left and then right and then click the route spawn if you’re on computer or mouse and keyboard user.
Then you think you just I don’t even it’s just.

Your use button escape and then you can just click respawn but yeah hopefully this works I think we got it guys here we go so you can this is 100% legit.

I it’s I reckon that’s gonna be removed in the past and in the past time and the future a couple of days so mines and it just cut Alex I don’t know what okay so you can be.

Anything it yeah like you got this you can have you i yeah you’re busy bomb in the sign you can bring you all.

Your friend love that and then just quickly change to your cuban you’ll be invisible and also you can’t not mine anything you can build you can oh all of it okay okay so he will still can to you that’s the only proper and you can only do this and playground the mode okay just just to let you know you can only do it and take your.
Own register no beanies ghosts with me around while.

You’re having a game okay okay guys I will catch you later see ya wait.

I’m gonna do a Kuchar three two one wait oh I know aah spider.



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