What’s up guys crane here from logic lounge calm back there aviation facts video today we’ll be taking a look at aircraft lighting one of the most essential things for an aircraft to be seen at night is its lighting mostly lights on aircraft are actually required by law so you will see similar lights in similar locations on any aircraft.

The small little Cessna prop planes to the even larger a380 today we’ll be taking a look at a Boeing triple7 which is flown today by British Airways while we show.

Off this I will be explaining what all the lights mean and how they are used by pilots so first off let’s start here with the landing.

Light since these lights right here where it connects to the fuselage and the wing itself there are actually two lights in here one that points forward along the fuselage and one that points out at an angle the one that points.

Forward is called the landing light it is used to illuminate the runway as you’re getting ready to land and the runway turn off light is a light that helps with illuminating the.

Sides of your plane so that while a pilot is navigating the ground at nighttime he has a little bit more illumination as he is maneuvering that aircraft moving on we will show.
The other side of the plane which.

Has the same exact lighting set up here with one off.

To the side and one pointing straight ahead what you will find is that.

Most of these lights have a.

Mirror on the other side of the aircraft next we’re going to move on to the fuselage lights here these lights have.

Two different names to them sometimes you’re called wing lights and sometimes they’re called ice lights this light shoots out.

Over the wing and lights up the wings so that it can be seen more at night but as also used.

To see if there’s any ice buildup on the wing because it gives it a nice illumination which makes it easy to see if the build-up of ice is present on the wing there’s one here on the left-hand side and of course there’s one on the right-hand side.

As well that’s built in to the fuselage of the aircraft moving on here there is actually one.

More light that I won’t exactly be able to show you which is right here in the nose when the key is down there is a light in there that shows the taxi light this taxi light is used while of course taxing around driving around the airport it illuminates the tarmac in front of it which is a great light to have of course if you’re maneuvering in.

A dark scene now there are two lights here that I’m going to show it off here there’s one.

Here on the top that flashes red and one here on the bottom that flashes red.

These are called the anti-collision lights these lights are more to be seen at night because they’re flashing which gives them contrast to the dark night sky but also helps out on the ground as well.

When these lights are on at alerts ground crews that the engines may be on on this aircraft meaning that the engines may be going to stay away from the engines and hopefully not.

Get sucked into them so it’s a precautionary light that is used on the ground as well as in the air moving on let’s take a look at the logo lights here these are lights that are actually here in the stabilizer you can see that there’s two lights on this item that shoots and illuminates the tail which provides visibility of the airline that happens to be flying this aircraft this aircraft of.

Course is being flown by British Airways it illuminates it which helps out the controller’s so you can see what the aircraft is that they are controlling there’s one left-hand side and of course one on the right-hand side and what you will actually see here.

Is that most lights you will see will actually have two bulbs in them so while this one has two separate lights you’ll actually see that most of them have two separate bulbs this is for redundancy and is usually required by law so that the light happens to go out there’s a backup light that is saving the day because some of these lights are very crucial to this aircraft now we’re gonna move back here to.
The rear of the aircraft where.

There’s two different lighting systems here the first one is the strobe light this again provides a contrast in the night sky to show off the location of this aircraft so it’s a bright flashing white light which will draw the attention of other pilots at other altitudes so they can.

See this aircraft and avoid it now this steady white light down here is what’s called the navigation light this part of a three light system that helps other pilots orient themselves to.

How they are seeing this aircraft this steady white light in international terms means that you are looking at the rear of the aircraft this helps a pilot know exactly if that plane is heading away from it or going towards it.

Whether or not they see this light now moving on.

Here let’s move on to the wing lights there are three lights here that we’ll.

Take a look at one is this navigation light which is the green light this green light will always be on a wingtip and always be green on that right wingtip this is the international code for this is the right-hand side of.

The aircraft now you will also see here another light which.

Is another strobe light which is again for visibility reasons and you will also see a steady burn white light which works in the same way as the other navigation light meaning that this is.

The rear of the plane now moving to the other side of the aircraft we have a red steady burn light which in international turn terms means that this is the left-hand side of the aircraft we have another strobe light here and towards the rear we have another rear white light so that.

Always means that it’s the rear of the aircraft and the red always means that is the left of the aircraft so this is how pilots learn to orient themselves to other.

Aircraft on how they see these lights now moving on here that is actually all of the lights on this aircraft I can’t believe we’ve gone through all those lights that fast this is just a wonderful aircraft I really do love the triple7 I think it is one of the best aircraft out there in the market but everybody of course has their opinions I’m sure there will be.

A war in the comments section.

Of course of what your favorite aircraft is mine of.


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