The truth about actor Jet Li born April 26 1963 better known by his stage name Jet Li he’s a Chinese film actor film producer martial artist and retired whatchu champion who was born in Beijing he is a naturalized Singaporean citizen after three years of training with woobin Lee won his first national championship for the Beijing wushu team after.

Retiring from wushu at age 19 he went on to win great acclaim in China as an actor making.

His debut with the film Shaolin Temple 1982 he went on to star and.

Martial arts epic films most notably as the lead in director Zhang Yu was 2002 hero fist of legend which is the best acclaimed lead movie by Rotten Tomatoes and the once upon the time in China series in.

Which he portrayed folk hero Wong fei-hung Lee’s first role in a non Chinese film was as a villain in Lethal Weapon 4 1998 and his first leading role in a Hollywood film was as haunting in Romeo Must Die 2000 he has gone on to star.

In many action films including in French cinema with Luc Besson kiss of the Dragon and Unleashed he co-starred in the one 2001 The Forbidden Kingdom 2008 with Jackie Chan all three of the Expendables films with Sylvester Stallone and as the title character villain in the mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 2008 early life and martial arts career ended li was born in Beijing China.

As the youngest of two boys and two girls his father died when he was two years old leaving the family struggling li was 8 when his.

Talent for what she was noticed at a summer course at school and he began his practice there li participated in the sport of wushu in the non sparring event he began as one shoe on the Beijing wushu team an athletic group organized to perform martial arts forms during the all-china Games he was coached by renowned wushu coaches Lee Jin Feng and whooping five who made extra efforts to help the talented boy develop we’ve been even bought food for Lee’s family because they could not afford to buy meat.

Which was essential for the good physical condition of an athlete as a member of the team he received Washu training and.

Went on to win 15 gold medals and one silver medal in Chinese wushu Championships where despite his young age he competed against adults my winning first place caused quite a sensation because I was so young I was 12 years old.

And the other two medallists were in the mid to late 20s during the awards ceremony as I stood on the top step of the podium I was still shorter than the second and third place medalists it must have been quite a sight Jet Li China’s internet celebrity according to Lee once as a child when the Chinese national wushu team went to perform for President Richard Nixon in the United.

States he was asked by Nixon to be his personal bodyguard Lee replied I don’t want.

To protect any individual when I grow up I want to defend my 1 billion Chinese countrymen Lee is a master of several styles of wushu.

Especially Cheng Qin northern.

Long fist style and fans ik one tumbling fist he has also studied other arts including bagua Zhang eight trigram palm today.

Jequan supreme ultimate fist zynga qin sheep and ten fist zuy Quan drunken fist Ying Xue Qin Eagle Claw fist and tangling Qin praying mantis feast he did not learn nang qin southern fist because his training focused only in the northern sharland styles he has also studied some of washes.

Main weapons such as San Diegan three section staff gun Dow broadsword Jian straight sword and many more is jellies authentic martial arts.

Prowess that enabled his rise to domestic and international fame acting career Chinese films.

Jet Li Jet Li HK JPG Jet Li’s handprint and autograph at the Avenue of stars in Hong Kong the.

Fame gained by his sports winnings led to a career as a martial arts film star.

Beginning in mainland China and then continuing into Hong Kong li acquired his screen name in 1982 in the Philippines when a publicity company thought his real name was too hard to pronounce they likened his career to an aircraft which likewise takes off as quickly so they placed the name Jet Li on a movie posters soon everybody was calling him by this new name which was also.

Based on the nickname jet given to him as a young student due to his speed and grace when training with the Beijing wushu team he made his debut with the 1982 film Charlaine temple some of his more famous Chinese films include the Shaolin Temple series 1 2 & 3 which are considered to be the films which sparked the rebirth of the real Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng China the once upon the time in China series Chinese title Wong fei-hung about the legendary.

Chinese folk bureau master Wong fei-hung fist of.

Legend Chinese title Jing Wu yang Zhong a remake of Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury the fong sai-yuk films about another Chinese folk hero Lee starred in the 1995 film high risk where gently plays a captain who becomes disillusioned after his wife is murdered by crime lords along the way he pairs up with a wacky sellout actor Frankie played by Jackie June and proceeds to engage in a series of violent battles in a high-rise building.

The setting is similar to that of die hard and both their Chinese film titles this movie is notable in that.

Director Wang Jing had such a terrible experience working with Jackie Chan in Jang’s previous film city hunter that he choose to make Tunes character abiding satire of Qin Jet Li would later publicly apologize to Shane for taking part in it Lee had to Wilke chef feature films released in 2011 the sorcerer and the Whitesnake and Flying Swords of Dragon Gate.
The latter was helmed by Tsui.

Hark to promote Tai Chi in 2012 Jet Li starred in a film titled Tai Chi and co-produced the movie with chingkuo foo Lee portrayed Tai Chi master yang Liu kyun American films in 1998 he made his American film debut and Lethal Weapon 4.

Which also marked the first time he had ever played a villain in a film he agreed to do a Lethal Weapon 4 after the producer Joel Silver promised to give him a.

Leading role in his next film Romeo Must Die 2000 alongside late singer Aaliyah the film became a box-office hit though Lee spoke very little English at the time of production his performance as Chinese mafia hitmen wasing qu is praised Li turndown chow yun-fat roll and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2000 because he promised his wife that he would not make any films during her pregnancy he also turned down the role of serif in the Matrix trilogy based on his belief that the role was not one which required his.

Skills and that the films were iconic and stunning enough without adding his name to the cast list in 2001 he appeared in two more Hollywood films the one which was the first of his films with Jason Statham and kiss of the Dragon opposite Bridget Fonda which did moderately well at the box office in July 2001 Lee agreed to produce and star.

An action film with Jackie Chan which was to be released in 2002 or 2003 but no further news of their collaboration surfaced until 2006 in 2002 the period martial arts epic film hero was released in the Chinese market this film was both a commercial and critical success and became the highest-grossing motion picture.

In Chinese film history at the time 16 in 2003 he reunited with producer Joel silver for the action thriller film cradle to the grave where he.

Alongside rapper DMX and fellow martial artist Mark Dacascos in 2004 Leyland his likeness voice and provided motion capture work for the video game gently rise to honor Li took on a more serious role in the 2005 film Unleashed aka Danny the dog where he portrayed an adult with the mentality of a child who has been raised like an animal although his martial arts skills were used extensively it was a somber film with more depth than had been previously seen in.

Lee’s films and co-starred dramatic actress Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman in 2006 the martial arts film epic fearless was released worldwide although he will continue to make martial arts films fearless as his last one xu epic in fearless he played who o you on dia the real-life founder of chin woo athletic association who reportedly defeated foreign boxers.

And Japanese martial artists in publicized events at.

Power was seen as eroding together with a film fist of legend Lee has portrayed both champion the student and Avenger of who you wanna AKA young gap as well as who oh you wanna himself fearless was released on January 26 2006 in Hong Kong followed by a September.

22nd 2006 release in the United States where it reached second place in its first weekend I stepped into the martial arts movie market when I was only 16 I think I have proved my ability in this field and it won’t make sense for me.

To continue for another five or ten years who Lu Wan Jia’s a conclusion to my life as a martial arts star Lee has stated in an interview.

With the Shenzhen daily newspaper that this will be his last martial arts epic which is also stated in the films television promotions however he plans to continue his film career in other genres specifically he plans to continue acting an epic action and martial arts films dealing more with religious and philosophical issues Lee’s.

2007 Hollywood film war was released in August of that year and re teamed him with actor Jason Statham who previously starred with him in the one and action choreographer Cory un war raked in a disappointing 23 million u. dollars at the box office becoming one of Lee’s lowest grocers in America however it was a hit on video accumulating nearly 52 million u. dollars in rental revenue more than doubling its box office take 19 with the exception of.

Romeo Must Die and the worldwide release of hero most of Lee’s American films had been only modest hits like kiss of the Dragon the one unleashed cradle to the grave and the worldwide release of fearless he has a very good control of the strength of every fist and kick in the past he used too.

Much strength those that get hit would be in great pain you do not have a valid verification file please contact our sales support team to obtain a valid license he’s the archetype of power yes he’s still the best un whooping martial arts choreographer in late 2007 Lee returned again to China to participate in the China Hong Kong co-production of the period war film the Warlord’s with Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro this film with his focus on dramatics rather than.

Martial arts netted Lee the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor Lee and fellow martial arts venom Jackie Chan finally appeared together on the.

Screen for the first time in the Forbidden Kingdom which began filming in May 2007 and was released to critical and commercial success on April 18 2008 the film was based on the legend of The Monkey King from the Chinese folk novel Journey to the West Lee also starred as the lead villain in the fantasy action film The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor with.

Actors Brendan Fraser Isabella Lange and Michelle Yeoh after a one-year hiatus from filmmaking Jet Li returned to acting in 2010 portraying a mercenary in the film the ex Bulls teaming up with action stars Sylvester Stallone Jason Statham Dolph Lundgren Mickey Rourke Eric Roberts Steve Austin Terry.

Crews and Randy Couture it was.

The third time he had teamed up with staff him in 2012 he reprised his role briefly in the sequel The Expendables 2 and.

Returned for the third film The Expendables 3 in 2014 Lee was initially stated to be appearing with Vin Diesel in xxx return of xander cage but according to a Facebook post by diesel Lee has been replaced by Donnie and due to his illness.

Stepped back on filmmaking and focused more on his health personal life Lee write with Mark Zuckerberg Lee is a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism as master is Lok and sang in 1987 Lee married Beijing wushu team member and kids from Shaolin co-star Hong Kuen.

29 with whom he has two daughters C and T me they divorced in.

1990 since 1999 he has been married to Nina Li ke born Liese a shanghai born Hong Kong based actress he has two daughters with her also Jane.

Born 2000 and Jada born 2003 Lee was in the Maldives when a tsunami hit during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake although it was widely reported at the time that he had died during the disaster he only suffered a minor foot injury caused by a.

Piece of floating furniture while he was guiding his four-year-old daughter Jane and the nanny holding his one-year-old daughter Jada to safety the four of them were by the pool and slightly above the beach when the wave came ashore in 2009 Lee who previously have US citizenship after years working in the United States renounced his US citizenship he.


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