Today on divorce court the first time I have mistress bananas when I noticed that he was still having conversations with an ex carry his jealous but she loved me that carried on to me finding out that there was another woman he was having conversations with I don’t have to tell how all of my problems are my issue that’s.

Why I didn’t tell her I’m allowed to marry him I will make him a great.

Wife he would make a great husband he has good attributes and good physical things about him Kari is the only woman in my life now then I want you to decide if I’m what you want if.

I am NOT what you want let’s just walk away like adults.

And let’s just go our separate ways divorce Court is now in session the honorable judge lynn toler.

Presiding ladies and gentlemen I’m here today with Karen Carrie and Nana baffi you two have been together.

For two years you have no children together you both have children from previous relationships I believe them as Carrie you want him to.

Put a ring on it already mr.

bevy there’s a there are some problems on your end so Ms Kerry I’m gonna start with you why don’t you tell me a little bit about your relationship and why we’re here today well judge I met Nana two years.

Ago we were in a gas station I was on the way to work and he was standing behind me and I look back you know look guys we look back he was looking I looked at him he looked like he was having problems pumping his gas or maybe so I saw so I walked over to him maybe.

That was his ploy like okay well you know let me star and I’m gas before good grief right so you know someone over and I saw you having problems with your pump he said no Nana’s quiet you know he’s kind of reserved so he finally came over to the car and he said hey beautiful he said what’s your name and I said Karen.

I said finally you know okay you spoke um so we exchanged numbers before we exchanged numbers I asked him two things are you married his reply was why so my little.

Antennae went up with other antenna well he kind of cute well you know I’m like okay a little bit you.

Know a little dingy looking at work oh my god no you hard-working man that’s what’s up and then I asked he said no he came on in and say no I’m not married and I said well do you have a girlfriend he stated no something like okay fine so from there we started seeing each.

Other we went out like maybe I met him it was April 15 2016 and we had went out that Friday that.

Was our first date and from then we were inseparable mr.

buffy is so far as she got it right yes can anything to add no okay miss Carey when did you first realize something was amiss well I’ll say that next Thursday I’m kind of good.

With you know days he stays oh it’s not true who’s not true um let me can be kind of nosy which I can’t be you know I went into his phone his phone was open he was doing something something prompt me to go into the phone and.

Only no we can you are it in his phone what’s going on I don’t want to be dealing with somebody you know I’m rather no in the beginning so I can walk away you know I had time to weigh some getting out are you okay so you know so I’ve seen the picture of.


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