Alright guys we are live and we got about 60 seconds before we will be starting this presentation so let me go ahead and get the facebook life going on as well I just want to welcome everybody that is jumping on whether you are watching it on the webinar platform or you are watching it stream on Facebook live guys.

Welcome to that copy-paste paid business opportunity I am going to go ahead and be screen sharing with you this evening so you will be able to see what we are doing.

We are doing it guys so I’m going to go ahead and get started in about another 30 seconds let me go ahead and get my.

Screen over for you all give me one second all right guys it looks like we are good to go on the webinar hangout as well as the Facebook live so gotta love technology right one reason I absolutely love digital marketing is that you have many avenues of being able to.

Reach people so guys my clock has turned over to 9 o’clock Eastern 8:00 p.

I welcome everybody that has jumped on here this evening and I’m just super excited to just share with you what copy-paste paid is and the vehicle that we are using to do in copy/paste hey guys let me go ahead and make my screen a little bigger here for you give me one second okay all right so it looks like we will have to stay on this grade cuz it’s not working for me guys so guys listen copy/paste Aid is a digital move man guys that was birthed.

A collaboration of four successful entrepreneurs guys who committed to teaching the average people how to build a successful business using social media with literally a simple super simple copy/paste page strategy guys and I’m going to introduce you to the four ladies that you see in this car guys and the first one is Tyler Portis guys she is.

An amazing amazing humble amendment she is a multiple millionaire guys makes multiple seven figures she brings 25 years of experience into this industry okay that is several decades she’s the mother of Jimmy burner who is an.

Upcoming fashion and music artist guys she is a philanthropist she’s also an author and guys she was recently named the.

Woman of impact I’m telling you I absolutely adore mrs.

Portis and then guys we have study –xa gram okay Tanisha gram I got the pleasure to meet on Facebook and then eventually meet in person guys I love the power of social media guys Tanisha Graham is a professional basketball player she’s an internet marketer and she was actually documented millionaire before the age of 30 okay that is absolutely amazing guys and she.

Gets to travel the world whether.

To Trinidad Bosnia Rome Italy France wherever she wants to go guys because she can literally continue her business using her smartphone no matter what country she is in hey guys I am your host tonight my name is Julie Taylor I’m a national director here and I am a mother of three.

Beautiful athletic children guys and I know the struggle I’ve been through repossessions almost lost my house been without electricity been without water have bought a t-shirt and took it back guys I used to be a waitress guy that I could barely make ends meet so when I tell you I understand the struggle I truly do guys but thank you to digital marketing guys that I have been.

Able to become a documented multiple six-figure earner and I’m truly living the life of my dreams guys we just broke.
Ground on our brand new 5 bedroom 3 bath.

In town and actually I’m leaving town tomorrow because now I’m able to help my kids and fuel their dreams because I.

Am living my dream guys so my name is kids dad I’m super super excited to be here with you this evening guys but before we get into it let me introduce you to know other than Candace Byrd Davis guys she is a wife and.

A mother of two also athletic children guys.

And she is able to sit in the bleachers after a.

Football game and be able to cheer on her son but be able to make an income to fuel his dream as well guys she comes from the corporate.

Corporate world she was in insurance for 15 years okay she has been able to become a documented half-a-million dollar earner and on her way to being a millionaire guide all because of digital marketing so guys why digital marquee well.

Let me tell you it only makes sense right because not only do you want financial freedom but time freedom guys remember we could always get more money but we cannot always get more time and now with social media and the power it has guys look Facebook has 2.19 billion users per month that is a lot of people that you are able to reach on the internet.

And then not only do you have Facebook guys but you also have Instagram which is growing as we speak guys Instagram has one point eight nine billion users per.

Month and guys this is only two social media platforms.

Right here so digital marketing makes all the sense in the world because you can reach people all around the world and the average person actually opens their Facebook 17 times a day okay and that is.

Just the average person 17 times a day and like I said guys social media truly allows you to reach beyond your city your state your country you literally don’t have to leave home you can.

Stay local but you can build global all from the comfort of your.

Own home or maybe you’re like me and you’re doing it while you’re at a basketball game a soccer game or a baseball game guys we have the.

Absolute time freedom here in digital marketing so why copy/paste fade is the easiest thing you will ever do guys and I promise you it is it is a super simplistic system okay it can.

Be done from your phone from wherever you are we are going to actually give you what to post we’re going to take the thinking process completely out of it we’re going to give you the picture and the wording to post so you literally just copy and paste okay we’re going.

Say in the inbox when you are speaking with prospects so don’t worry if you’ve never done a business you’ve never been in digital marketing guys we are going to give you everything that you absolutely need to be able to be successful online whether you want to make 250 a.

Week 500 a week a thousand a week or maybe you want to even make more it is definitely possible here with digital marketing guys we’re going to give you a free website we’re going to ship product for you so no you do not need to get garage qualified you do not need a shipping station in your house all you need is your cell phone or.

Your tablet or any device that can connect to the internet guys and all you are literally.

Going to have to do is copy and paste I promise you that is all you are going to have to do okay now guys you’re probably wondering okay I get it I’m going to copy what you give me I’m going to paste it and then I’m going to get paid but what is it that I’m.

Doing that I’m going to get paid the vehicle that we use is a company called total life changes okay total life changes is a 19 year old debt-free company guys that focuses on health and wellness we actually have over thirty products in our part portfolio total life changes get business and shipping capabilities to over a hundred countries around the world so again like I said you can stay local and build global guys and total life changes is going to take.

Care of all the shipping for you so guys let me.

Introduce you to our CEO none other than Jack Fallon because he actually started totally changes in his basement of his home and with a mission and a vision okay he wanted to offer high quality products and that everybody could afford to be able to live.

A normal quality of life okay here we are guys 19 years later and now this company total life changes is on.

The top of the direct selling companies in the world that is definitely an achievement that we are super proud of consider considering we started in the basement or like we like to stay started from the.

We’re here so guys why what is it that I am promoting well like I said total life changes as a health and wellness company we specialize in all natural organic weight-loss and health products and guys here is just a few testimonies right here we have the Angelo that has dropped 80 pounds we got Emily Newcomb then it’s completely rented her midsection Whitney Stephenson has deathly shrunk guys these absolute amazing results these products really work right.

So why not promote them because they’re truly going to be able to change people’s lives so guys like.

I said we have over thirty products in our portfolio and I could keep you here till tomorrow morning speaking about them but I’m going to go ahead and just touch base on a few here and this way.

You can decide which products are going to be best for you so guys as you see in the first one we have what.

Like to call the diet duo okay these this comma right here is definitely going to allow you to lose one to three pounds every single day and 100% safe guys and remember our products are all-natural and homeopathic now this contains our resolution jobs which we like to call gastric bypass in a bottle okay these drops are literally going to boost your metabolism into stat party mode they’re going to help suppress your appetite and they’re going to help rid the crazies okay then we.

Have our life drops guys this is an awesome and amazing product especially for any of you that have ever or maybe currently get the b12 injections guys and with the life drops.


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