Good morning is 6:45 we left at 6:30 this morning trav and I are on our way to Montreal for the weekend I hope you enjoy at the last packing vlog all right it is 11 o’clock we are an hour away from Montreal Travie need to stop for some gas it’s sort of the freezer to freeze rain it’s freezing.

Rain right now so we’re a little bit worried because he doesn’t have winter tires but I’m super excited we’re almost there and I can’t wait to try all these.

Cafes check out our hotel and I’m trying not to like drink too much because I hate stopping for bathroom breaks on the side of the road not side of the road but like you know.
What those like stops but I’m I’m getting really thirsty.

So I have an hour to go crowd doesn’t have winter tires so wish us luck and I will see you on the flip side so we are officially in Montreal and we have checked into our hotel this is the hotel Plast arms and we will be staying here for the next two nights so excited to show you around so.

We just I just shower and it got ready tractable now he didn’t take a nap but we are going to find some lunch because it is a little bit late it’s our first stop is going to be to crew the first restaurant my hair no nevermind we had.

To leave Tommy because there were no seats now we’re gonna try to go to the.

Old port of Montreal see if you can get some good photos – no we Montreal currently good morning it is day two in Montreal so it is Saturday so up Travis is like ow and my face is super swollen because here at cream people were careless like so it is Saturday midday I don’t know why I look so pale it is Saturday midday I’m really craving some Italian food so hopefully we can.

Find a good place near the hotel and I want to shoot some more lux and we just did some shooting inside them towel took a little nap and now we are ready to go again this is my second look of the day brought to film the others but I will try to be better to come over to.

Take videos that I had but it was people the last couple photos of the hotel for the blog post and Instagram and I’m just hanging out here probably for the next a little bit just cuz I’m super tired and I think this guy is too and watching some news as you might hear in the background and we.

Are gonna go walk to you the Bell Center is at the Bell Center the Bell Center because apparently abouts the biggest hockey arena in the NHL and we’re gonna go check that out cuz.

Laughs is hockey and then hopefully grab dinner but we had a late lunch so might be a lot later but yeah I don’t think I’m going to be bringing you with me tonight and I’ll check in with you tomorrow just because I think we want a break from the camera tonight and just to really enjoy our last night in.
Montreal so see you guys tomorrow this is the last morning in.

Hotel trav is currently showering I literally just woke up as you can see it from my face we are gonna go grab breakfast downstairs and probably pretty soon and I will talk to you soon again so we are actually about to head back to Toronto getting ready for our six-hour drive and we are just packing up here catching up on a little bit of.

Olympics and I will see you in Toronto just don’t forget to Like and I can’t go my other hand.


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