Good morning everyone or whatever time of day it is when you see this we’re on vlog 2 and I’m gonna be talking about how I plan to graduate college 100% debt free no loans no money owed anywhere and also why it was the motivation for me to choose to do the van life so in this vlog let’s talk.

About money so as we all know college is super expensive a reason why I did van life was for the sake of saving money and by doing this I cut I want to.
Say sorry routine like 3 and 6 grand per year.

In like renting and utility costs so that’s six thousand.

Dollars back into my pocket that I can use towards my education or can use to go on that trip I always wanted to go on to or to pay for field school next summer or whatever it is that I want.

To do that money is mine it doesn’t go to a landlord it doesn’t go to utilities doesn’t go anything like that it allows me to have a.

Little bit more freedom and it gives me sense that.

I actually own something more than just what I owe my debt to the school or to the government.

So with that being said I think that living in a van is a great way to go to college because you get to save the money that would go elsewhere and it actually gets to go to you it doesn’t get to go to.

Anybody else and that’s really important so last night I started looking.

Up these numbers right here to.

Prove just how expensive colleges and I’m gonna turn out to bore you with all these numbers but I think this needs to be heard by everybody just to see how expensive College actually is for those who don’t actually know for a private.

School private university for one year is thirty four thousand seven hundred and forty dollars per year for an out-of-state tuition it is twenty five thousand six hundred and twenty dollars per year and for in-state tuition you’re right around $10,000 per year guys.

That’s a lot of money and so I looked up again the average cost for an apartment so if you’re doing an apartment by yourself you’re gonna pay somewhere between 500 and.

600 dollars per month at the.

Lowest and that’s a really crappy apartment and if you have a roommate depending on how many you have you’re probably gonna be spending around like 250 $350 a month which equals out to if you’re doing it by yourself just about 6500 dollars a year and if you’re rooming somewhere between 3000 and 4000 dollars a year that you’re spending in rent that’s not including.

Utilities that’s not including anything else so by cutting the cost of rent and cutting the cost of utilities and using what your school and your community actually has to offer you you’re saving thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars a year and that ties in to how you can actually use that money that you were gonna spend on your rent to pay for your tuition and also think of it this way if you’re going.

To school full-time like I am.

I’m taking 17 credit hours I am loaded with.

Classwork how many hours a day does that give me in an apartment so to shower in to sleep so what eight hours maybe and if I’m doing this by myself I’m paying $500 minimum a month to sleep guys I sleep for free in this thing for free.

That saves me $500 a month that saves me six grand a year and for those of us who are going to.


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