All right we’re back in the rumble seat for road to atlas episode 32 things have progressed rather quickly in this whole pre-recording nonsense I’m doing um I’m going to slow down with the pre recording soon I don’t want to get a bit too far ahead of the comments that said the heiress is not going to be renamed the.

Mule near however is still up for grabs if someone wants to.

Take a stab at naming that by all means in the app given that we’re once again really close to bankruptcy due to spending frivolously on double heatsinks and other.

Such pleasantries we now need to make up for that I taking some sort of mission preferably a well-paying mission and failing that oh I don’t know we could just go for a nosy neighbors oh I think I’ll go for aggressive negotiations it’s a two and a half school mission assassination gives us two nine salvage and 1,322,000 cash but we are more interested in cash especially nowadays so what kind of Mecca my expecting to be.

The assassination target potentially another heiress although I think I sold some parts for one I’ll.

Do long ago not going to go for one in five but I’m considering going for 0 3 or 0 1 salvage so either packs or just one step below max payment.

Which of these two will it be I think we’re gonna go.

For 0-3 with what is likely going to be a 40,000 see.

Bill head we’re still gonna be over a million the 40,000 see those will be fair drop cost and so with that out of the way um this lineup is fine we taken blurts along.
With us no I think we want to train up other folks so that.

They have a set of three skills so in that case it’s going to be do we want to swap around Decker and then.

Medusa that I think is the more most important question right now I think I’ll say yes but you sent to the Hunchback Becker on.

The yell let’s go okay boots on the ground and it’s this map okay yeah I’m not liking.

This planet very much it’s giving us some pretty crappy maps on which to fight and what is that that looks like maybe a Warhammer though I’m potentially.

Blind so you know it was difficult to tell um as reserving get us anything no not a whole lot so let’s move up to the high ground which I never knew was possible until one of our first few missions let’s continue sprint well then let’s be the ones who are performing with that ambush yeah I don’t.

To continue moving around in funny ways I all mean cementum fact we’re gonna reserve the javelins gonna take a snap at us cool right yeah don’t about us expected let’s continue our trek up the mountain glitch move their alpha strike it’s not the best armored variant of the javelin Medusa can’t actually move up.

Yet so we’ll reserve him move Decker first it’s a trap then another trebuchet if I had to wager and they Vindicator yeah okay Oh Decker let’s print you up over to here yeah let’s just deal with the javelin go we got them to eject Medusa you can now put yourself into the firing line and open fire okay right post ourselves here in the venom trebuchet Katyusha and Vindicator so yeah the Katyusha is.

Just another trebuchet variant except I’m trying to explain something this one has lrm 4d this one just has a bunch of SRMs can you not thank you good that’s around 12 and yeah so Vindicator is the next target go oh look more lrms I don’t think the Lions are gonna be too happy with us just killing a diplomat of theirs but no matter let’s move.

Forward okay yeah just continue alpha striking although a part of me does want to put some your mediums onto that carry sure.

No matter okay okay let’s move the hunchback and all you have is shots at the Katyusha take them both autocannons hit very good more lrms.

Trebuchet makes a nuisance of itself and we’re looking pretty bad on that arm Katyusha still a nuisance even more lrms and this time the guy hides himself unfortunate Decker what are your targeting angles trebuchet yeah that’s good we’ll move you over to here now wildfire you can take a shot at the Trib.

Standard trap variant not the missile boating Katyusha and we’ll move you oh I don’t know how about into this tree line right here okay glitch you can get better shots than.

That right here I’ll be fine as a matter of fact I sort of.

Want to destroy this thing given that we have such good numbers on.

It Madusa now a Medusa now okay uh yeah continue firing at the Trib you’re apparently in range with the fluid guns but yeah okay ah he moved didn’t do a whole lot to us but he did move us he’s no longer as unsteady as I would like him to be okay most of those missed so that’s nice and this guy is still being a nuisance and hiding himself in things oh yeah you have better numbers on him.

And besides he’s damaged anyway yeah first off vigilance second off attack yeah it’s okay keep moving forward we’re gonna eventually have to come down off of this mountain in.

Order to assault her assassination target because otherwise he is going to have a much easier time of running away from us.

And I don’t want that okay venom move forward acknowledged very good gyro destroyed he should be out of there including engine destruction lr M’s not a problem glitch it is now your task to give that patty you shove the what-for let’s move you over to here now becquer you do not have a lot of fire unfortunately but you will from over here so I don’t.

Even know why I moved you up there but whatever yeah okay I’m gonna do so you do not have line of fire so move into a position where you do have a line of fire such as right there you’re also still in the trees and very good though we did not make him unsteady yet ex the venom what a poor sport on a related note okay wildfire put your.

Shots into him okay that’s a lot of his missiles down and that’s even more of his missiles down had hit an ejection so much for him whoever to here spot anyone who.

Moves up if they do manage to do so deuce let’s move you here leave a place for glitch to also fire at this guy these fluid guns are largely useless to us okay there you go glitch alpha strike shei all he needs is.

A headshot to die really or a core torso shot you know whichever comes first apparently we can make it.

Down into the water here so yes correct well start doing that he does get up unfortunately and he fires a PPC and some medium lasers not a whole hell of a lot really and.


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