Hey everybody how’s it going it see daily shooter and today we’re going to be taking a look at a three MOA red dot that comes in under $200 from Swamp Fox optics this is the Liberator let’s check it out okay so we’re gonna go ahead and conduct this review just like normal we’re gonna start off with the tech.

Specs details and features and then I’ll go ahead and give you guys my own personal thoughts and opinions on the optics now starting off.

With the tech specs basically what you’re looking at.

Here is a little 1x red dot 1x basically just means that there is no magnification this does have a 3 MOA red dot in it and if you’re wondering exactly how that’s calculated 1 MOA would cover up one point 0 4 7 inches of your target at 100 yards so if this is a 3 MOA red dot that means it’ll cover up just over 3 inches of your target at 100 yards and that will increase as you go out so it’ll cover 6 inches.

At 200 and so forth now this little optic right here does have 10 different brightness levels these brightness levels are adjusted using these side buttons right here which are tactile.

You can feel the arrows as well as the click each time you push on them but there is no audible feedback so there’s no out loud.

Click or anything like that now one thing I found to be nice was that these buttons right here are.

Somewhat firm so you’re not gonna accidentally adjust the brightness level on your optic if you put in a case or put it in the back of your.

Truck or something like that over the time that.

I’ve been using this optic I’ve never accidentally adjusted.

The brightness setting with these buttons on the side now the liberator red dot does use what’s become an industry standard battery which is the cr2032 which is now very easily accessible and easy.

To find just about anywhere where just a few years ago they were kind of hard to find nowadays you can walk into just about any store including grocery.

Stores and pick up a cr2032 they’re inexpensive they’re easy to find and they are very very good batteries now the cr2032 is located in the very side right here simply remove this cap putting your battery put it back on and you’re good for 3,000 hours so basically 3,000 hours.

What I would do and what I do in all my optics.

Even if they have a 50,000 hour runtime is every year I just simply go in there and change out the battery I don’t know how long the battery existed.
Before I put it in here I don’t.

Know how much power it had before I put it in here so I always make sure that I change my batteries out every year at least sometimes a little bit more depending on how often they use the optic but still about 3,000 hours of battery life now you’re looking at a 22 millimeter objective so it’s a fairly small optic and it doesn’t weigh that much either weighs under 4 ounces and it is.

Not very long it does not take very much of a footprint on your rifle so it does give you space if you want to mount it a little bit forward it puts up to some type of magnifier behind it or something like that it.

Does come with two mounts a 1/3 lower Kuwaitis mount and a low-rise mount so you have the 1/3 lower cornice which is a really nice mountain as a matter of fact it comes pre-installed on the optic and it is almost like a cantilever mouth so it.

Gives it kind of a swept forward position and it’s skeletonized so it’s a very lightweight mount but you get typically with optics in this price range or just you know your standard mount so they’re kind of thick you know aluminum mounts and they do add a little bit of weight this one being sort.

Of cantilever is nice because it holds it a little bit forward if you want to put something behind it and the fact that it’s skeletonized is also nice it also comes with the low-rise mount so if you’re gonna be using it on a shotgun and a Kay or something.

That has a comb that’s not in line with the boar itself like an ar-15 then this is going to be.

Something or you’re gonna want to switch over to that low-rise mount but if you are using an ar-15 or something similar with a stock that’s in line with the boar and having that 1/3 lower cut witness riser definitely does help.

Out quite a bit now this does have adjustment turrets on the top and on the side these turrets are adjustable using.

Either a flathead screwdriver a bullet casing or anything that you can fit in there like a coin however there is a tool on the top of the turret itself so as you take the turret cap.

Off there is almost like a little adjustment piece like a little flat head screwdriver piece on the very top and so you can use the cap in order to make your.

Adjustments now these are oring sealed so you will need the cap on there for it to be completely waterproof so you want to make sure that when you.

Put your turret caps back on you put them on nice and tight because again that does help with what’s you know with the waterproofing of the optic itself now since I mentioned that the turrets have a rings on them to help with the waterproofing I should also mention the entire optic is ipx7 water.

Perforated and the glass has a.

Nice ruby red coating on it so it has a nice anti-reflective coating ok now.

Let me give you guys my own personal thoughts and opinions on this optic and we’ll talk about my experience with it now to be honest with you when it comes to optics that cost around $200 or less I typically add an extra layer of scrutiny.

So the review will take me longer I’ll make sure that I go through you know maybe a thousand or two thousand more rounds with the.

Optic before I actually bring in the camera I’ll try it on several different firearms this thing’s been on my 12-gauge shotgun.

It’s been on my ar-10 just testing the recoil sensitivity to it they say that this has been tested up to eight hundred GS as a matter of fact I actually have a little video that I can show you guys that they posted to Instagram that shows exactly how they kind of.

Test it for zero and kind of test its recoil sensitivity so forth but I’ve had this thing mounted to several different firearms and I’ve never had a.

A problem with it flickering I’ve never had a problem with it going out I’ve never had a problem with its durability I don’t own any safe Queens well okay one I have a Henry Golden Boy that I like to keep.


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