What’s up magnets um got a little clip for y’all I’m gonna show you real quick there yeah man xxx um you know I’m saying his unborn son he’s gonna be the you know say his legacy he’s gonna be living on you know it’s kind of cool to see you know I’m saying I’m knowing his legacy you know it.

Has it has a chance to continue of course we don’t know what it son’s gonna do you know it’s gonna be a ball to music and it doesn’t have to be you know I’m saying just the fact.

That you know for the people that are closer to him and his family got something that they can look at and remind them of xxx it is a great thing for those that care about him when he was actually alive you know and.

I understand they’re protecting the baby mama because supposedly was Geneva yalla but um some people saying wasn’t her and to be.

Honest with you I’m not sure if it is or isn’t and if they try to protect the identity for a baby mama and beat the child support that I mean that kid don’t know anything and that kid should you know I’m saying have the right to you know live a normal life you know I’m saying um.

This is gonna be a paparazzi and freaking fiasco for that kid growing up if everyone knows who exactly he is only he and his close friendly friends should know who he really is as.

Far as being a son to xxx so well yeah that video was by the grandmother Cleopatra Bernard um she’s happy she’s excited so we’ll see I mean.

They may you know saying give.

A little more insight to who you know saying the kid is maybe Big Momma but for now I definitely understand at least during the pregnancy they protecting it but about no matter what the decision is I’m 100% behind it because like I said kids need a full protection.

From adults parents grandparents and everything so I supported 100% whatever they decision is you know I’m saying they want to release the identity the baby or not it is what.

But um but yeah man just show those little positivity xxx legacy continuing on and we can see it starting there with a little kick you know.

Kicks in the belly man I got my kids so you know I know how exciting that is so I’m pretty sure the whole family’s excited about that so that’s all I got for you right now man you see you boil and Rob report for opus Magnum TV opus Magnum is the number one urban news channel with over 1.2 million followers across our social networks we are rapidly establishing our place in the.

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