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To say who you are and what.

We’re stuck I’ll get off my squeaky chair and we’ll start from there okay hello Alice and my name is Matthew Ellison what do I do well I do I enjoy doing.

Different things I guess that’s what I like about my job these days I train people primarily technical authors and usually it’s training people to write some form of software user assistants generally user assistance for software though and some of the tools I teach could be used.

For for any type of documentation but I don’t just train I also get involved in usually small projects usually fairly short projects helping people to set up a new style sheets and templates create some workflows that just starting out with a new tool they just want a bit of an infrastructure to help them get going or they weren’t on ideas on how to organize things and that kind of.

Thing and that’s that’s where I usually get involved for up to a week and then what’s nice is I can just walk away and let that worry about creating the actual the actual content so from my point of view I I’m involved in the in the bits that I’m interested in and then I move on to looking at someone else’s problems.
Which is fun and I should say we used to work together in the.

Dim and distant past did you text we did indeed it’s becoming increasingly demand distant now isn’t it I I think I.

Left did you text in 2001 so over over 17 years ago which is rather frightening so you also up until last year yours last year wasn’t it Graham conference see you a Europe conference I did well at that conference in fact dates back to the days when we used to work together.

At digit xed it was started in 1997 I think originally as the European online helped conference and.

Then ran every year and until the the company ended up being taken over by joe welinske in the states and there and then and then I think I I took it back in 2006 so it ran it ran it for between 2006 and 2007 teen so did 12 of those which which just flashed by I can’t believe I.
Did 12 now but but I think that the last conference we did last year.

In Harrogate was the 21st in total since the since the inaugural one in 1997 which which we were both participating in so what comes after you a Europe I didn’t see post by you or tweet suggesting that.

It might it might go on the road and be one-day.

Events or something like that well that we in fact we’ve got a one-day event planned right now on doing an event with a couple of other guys.


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