Hey friends its Brittany Valadez and thank you so much for watching this video you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe I got them this book a few weeks ago to review and I could not put it down I literally read this entire book in a few hours : sab are surprising a love story.
I loved it spoiler alert if.

Read the book don’t watch this video unless of course you like learning about the book and finding out what’s inside before you decide you want to buy the book now : Savannah LeBron are probably one of the most famous youtubers out there they have over seven million subscribers on.

Their YouTube channel plus millions more on their social media accounts the first thing we learned from this book is their meeting yes they have talked about it.

On their channel but they went in even more detail in this book now their meeting could only be a god thing both of them got their start on social media actually before they joined YouTube coal is really famous on vine I used to follow his vines all the time they were so interesting and Savannah was on.

Instagram then she moved to musically Cole moved to musically when vine had kind of shut down and then he had his own YouTube channel and then as they met their musically Cole had deemed her she responded and she but he didn’t see that message anyways he had.

Come out to LA Savannah was already living around the Orange County area I believe which is not too far from LA and they had both happened to be at the.

Grove at the same time at the same day the Cole had seen her and he was like hey that looks like the girl from musically and then he asked his friend hey.

Can you see she’s the daughter turns out her daughter was with her so he was like okay it’s for sure Savannah but you know she didn’t message him back so he thoughts and he didn’t.

Want her like really approached her he thought it may be kind of weird.

Same time Savannah had also seen him but she was surprised that he didn’t come approached her well she was.

With her sister at the time and she told her sister hey your sister was actually getting ready to leave and she goes hey and if you happen to see Cole on your way out like just tell him you know like to come see me or whatever it says in the book and as it happens ash the sister was leaving The Grove Cole had happened to come out of a store.

Each other fast forward eventually they meet they start hanging out over a couple of times over the weekend before Cole had to go back to Alabama now that wasn’t just a coincidence it definitely had to be a god thing now the next thing that we learned from this book was actually kind.

Of sad now Savannah’s dad had actually cheated on her mom after they were married for 27 years 27 years you guys like my parents have been married for my belief thirty years so for them to have been married so long I could not imagine.

That and and it would devastate me as.

I’m sure some of you guys watching this might have had that happen to you so I know it could devastate you and for Savannah it devastated her now when Savannah talked about her dad’s story she mentioned that her dad had cheated on her mom and went and was with this woman for several years and then he at one point tried to.

Come back into his uh ex-wife’s or you know strange wives life and I’ma lasted for about two weeks and then he went back to the woman so for Savannah to have seen what she saw or probably thought was you know we’re a Christian family and then my dad steps out of my mom it kind of ruined her idea of what a.

Relationship look like I’m assuming from from what she saw it it obviously really affected her then she ended up sleeping with a guy from her church as well and then they had broken up and she got with Everly’s father Tommy and that was another really.

Bad relationship but as we can see the Lord forgives anything that we do in our lives anything when we sincerely ask him and he also doesn’t.

Things to necessarily ruin our lives forever now in Savannah opened up about.

Her father Cole actually opened up about his now Cole’s family is a Christian strong strong Christian family especially his dad from what he really really mentions in the book and at one time his mom started having doubts about God and sort of questioning things and started researching evolution and the book doesn’t.

Really confirm where she is now but he.

Did say that she started having a lot of doubts and starting.

Started having disbelief in Christ and and friends I understand a lot of.

Us have had times in our lives or we’ve doubt or disbelief in God and that’s normal.

But that’s important for us to start researching Christian apologetics because the Bible does say that we are supposed to have an answer for why we believe that.

We do others are gonna ask us and that’s the best way to witness when we know and we know why we believe what we do so yeah Cole opened up about his mother’s struggle in the.

Book about belief in God and something happened that kind of was the.

Breaking point for her which will lead us into the next the next thing Cole mentioned that at one time when he was about 13 years.

Everybody you know around where he lived knew and his dad didn’t get the greatest feeling for it thought something was off about this kid well his.

It seemed that his concern proved to be right Cole had mentioned that this 19.

Year old boy had asked him inappropriate questions now after Cole told his father what happened his father did call the police and allegedly other boys came out about alleged.

Abuse that they had received so it doesn’t say in the book I have to clarify it does not say in the book that Cole was abused in any way by this this teen it did say that he was.

Asked inappropriate questions and of course you can read more about this story in the book now ton lighter note the next thing we learned is Cole and his family almost had a Disney Channel show yes he mentioned that at one point is newschannel had contacted his family and.

Wanted to shoot a pilot reality show featuring the entire family but that it did not get picked up actually you know what are you kind of cool to see the family on you know their.

Family on a reality show and if not Cole’s entire family maybe him you know Savannah and Everly like would you guys be totally.

For that I would I think they’re so so cute I think that would be perfect for the.

Disney Channel but I don’t know if Disney Channel is actually doing any reality shows right now or if maybe they put it on their app or something cuz you know that’d be kind of cool yeah the next thing we learned is : Savannah made a commitment to sexual.

Purity yes Cole had always said that he wanted to remain a virgin till he was married but.

Here’s the kicker they lived together before they were married you’re thinking okay how is that possible how do you live with someone and.

Then remain sexually purely okay in the book Savannah talks.

About how eventually Cole they were doing a long-distance relationship for a while and Cole’s like I really just you know it’s hard for me I really missed you a lot like I would love to.

Move over there with you guys and you know they would also vlog when they would be together and he noticed the YouTube channel.

Was growing as well so that could be like a business standpoint as well.

Missed you I love you standpoint so it worked out on both ends but in the book that talked about when Cole did move here so when he came out here you know it’s really expensive to live by herself Cole wasn’t really gonna.

Live with friends come to find out in Savannah’s house she had four rooms if she was living with her mother at the time and her mother had.

Room every Lee had a room and there was an empty bedroom well Savannah got special permission from her mother to allow Cole to live here now or live yet here.

LA area so when Cole moved over here he took over the empty room now obviously many of us would think how did they do it staying sexually pure when he lived in the same house as her well Savannah mentions.

That first of all Everly was an accountability partner she would be sleeping a lot with Savannah.

And Savannah would obviously be staying with her so that was a way to keep like Cole out of the mix so they wouldn’t be tempted to do anything because she would be sleeping with Everly the next thing is.

They also had Savannah’s mom living there so Cole.

Mentioned that one time they were in the living room you know cuddled up together hit him in Savannah and he appreciate it when his mom would.

Just come in whenever she wanted to and that’s what he really liked he said it probably would have actually been harder if I had had my own place because if Savannah Savannah had came over because you know a lot of the times Savannah’s mom would watch Everly so Savannah it could have free time and go spend the night at Cole’s house or just hang out with him and that had been the case there would be no accountability around them so the temptation would be even stronger.

He does mention that there was some times where he struggled he was like you know Savannah being so close to.

Him in that house but he had to remember why he was doing it and.

What the reason and the fact that he had come so far already made the commitment that he wanted to.


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