Greetings once again unfair yeah so Starla’s me alright we’re doing not killing people okay well well I never seen this before oh wow I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t find that my first run no no no I’m nice I’m nice this time please don’t hurt me Oh that was that was cool what okay come on let’s go watch.

What if I’m the bad guy a feeling of dread hangs over you but you stay determined that’s like my entire life bro a life of a.

Valiant anxious person I don’t know what’s up with that sign oh I know what’s up with that sign oh I’m.

Not I’m not fighting anything okay yeah no don’t do that you’re flexing themself right of the room yeah that’s right that’s how it goes I always win my mind don’t I get to that sign yeah turn off.

All the lights because that’s how I roll are you wearing a dusty – – I’m not I wish my sister and I will see the real star someday well you can’t wait actually you know what this time around I got your back fan I’m a.

Good person this time around because it suits me please.

Don’t hurt me I’m nice please stop I’m nice what’s the point of being nice if you’re not gonna be nice to him what’s the point of being a good.

Person if people aren’t gonna do what I want I’m not here you told we didn’t just watch me walk in here huh I can’t looks what is it like an Amber crystal like an amber like one of those bugs in an amber thing it’s just red eye like.

Sands get rid that man with a bandana what’s a star.

Can you touch it can you eat it can you kill it are you a star no because you can’t kill me I like this music hi it beats moving to the city and living in a crowded aquarium like all my friends did oh my eyes are getting misty I kid you not what a precious little cupcake.

Yeah yeah oh dear you’re back I’ll tell you a big secret I’m starting a band you hear it’s called the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

All I’ve thought of is the name and I don’t play instruments or sing well.

Do you think we’ll be popular yeah yes sure you will then what I’m missing something that bono is for something right otherwise it wouldn’t be there I’m so confused why is what was supposed to happen here I know I’m on the right track whoa whoa it’s a statue the structures on its feet.

Seem dry weird you place the umbrella atop the statue inside the statue music box.

Begins to play well circle up right circle up bright circle ok circle up right circle down down right okay okay okay so that was a totally different direction when I expected whatever circle up right.

Circle down down right is that correct whoa yes it is what’s this it’s a legendary artifact will you take it yes I will you’re carrying too many dogs what was this was this why do I have a dog let me find the New York’s nearest box I have no idea where that dog came from Oh as soon as I started seeing if something started happening okay sweating.

Bullets literally what all right bitches you suck all right let the.

Dog go what what what the heck.

Is going on now there we go yeah please smells like an underwater barnyard does that dog just appear when I try to pick up at ancient artifact what the doc absorbs the artifact what is happening what was that that’s not like Timmy village all right no no that’s not right that sounded like the dog battle music I don’t know where I got.

Temmie village Timmy villages acapella I’m not sure what is the purpose of this this is weird looking but if I don’t get no umbrella yo you can’t hold number le either if you’re walking anyway I guess I’ll go.

Huh let’s go I won’t remember this these reflective puddles being there before.

A nun Jean is so cool she beats up bad guys never loses I was a human I would wet the bed every night knowing she was gonna beat me at hand alright even it’s.

Good thing there aren’t any humans here cuz they would be scared she’s too cool to ever hurt an innocent person unless it’s a human I see how you are yeah well they take one here you know this ledge is way too steep no you want sandy right go up your umbrella and climb on.

My shoulders I always find a way to get through what yeah the.

Serene sound of a distant music box it fills you with determination but you did say before like last time I.

Mean United the humans were too powerful in us Monster is too weak a single soul was taken and countless moss monsters were turned to dust brutal I would never dream of doing such a.

Thing myself that’s for sure no please don’t I’m nice yeah let’s I don’t think us the correct drink yes I was hoping I could be fast enough I was overacted flying between those two.

I can’t oh snap I can’t get I can’t on with my item menu throw it on the ground who is that oh there it’s marigolds again was talking to me there or these is this human garbage viewing this endless cycle of worthless garbage it fills you with determination.

Well that’ll be enough for today folks thank you for watching y’all know how the bell icon works and bye bye.


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