Guys and we are here we are going to talk about email marketing providers so the top three and I will talk about melchi and my dream is company really know it up for the people and different magnetars especially with and Shopify and wrap shipping like and tax so you can have this for free but you have limit subscribers.

You have these three plans three pricing clients so well you have the free one it’s not bad but I have my my things with this company and the second one in the top in the top two we have.

And response so hey the response is a good choice I really like this this platform and they are really good we all know it about the the people and they have credibility so you can use this one to the pricing you don’t have the free one but this is more professional platform so you have $15 a month this is really cheap all these pricing plans so head response in the top two and.

In the top one a water so a weber is the best one why because they are faster they have good support and they have the first month.

Free you can start for free I will let you link below this video you can you can start for free the principle and then you will pay really cheap you will pay 19 amounts but this is what I recommend I were this is really good email marketing provider and they have good super quickly response and they are really good so you.

Can start it’s really easy to use if you want I will upload a video talking about how to use it and how to start building your mailing list so and I will recommend this one you can start for free three days and then you must pay 19 the month but if you follow the system and you follow what all what you need to do of the marketing we will be making more than $19 a month so this is a a tool that you will.

Need to start a flea market e if you are in this is really important the email marketing this is one of the most important things okay so subscribe if you’re not let Ali and again there’s the link button go I will let you the link or are you over if you want to hang up and start your free trial for two days three days and see you in the next video.


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