Hey guys how you doing this is Tevin from simple Forex options as always it is an honor to be before you guys today I have some important announcements to make for you guys there will be a couple of changes going forward and the signals group going into the month of lunacy Siri Fourier march/april so next month this April.

Yes so infinity work comes out next month so I’m pretty hype about that but there will be a couple changes going forward in a group actually taking place next month.

In April and it’s actually three important changes in this kind of one the fourth change is kind of like a moderate change the first and the most important change is is that there will no longer be any day trading signals I know.

It may be a shock to some of you but probably not majority of the groups I’m probably 95% of.

The group members now our premium signal members and it’s probably because the premium signals are much better and they.

Come out less frequently but they’re more profitable and if you guys don’t know about the premium signals group that premium signals are they they have bigger stop losses and also bigger take profits they actually last longer so some signals last between 2 to 3 to 4 days to a week sometimes and because they have a set take profit in this a set stop-loss the signals don’t actually last mean not less long you don’t have to actually have to monitor the signals you.
Pretty much set it and you forget about it the only thing.

Is is that the signal doesn’t have a set time that.

It is posted during a day so sometimes it’ll be posted at it was posted anytime between 5 a. but we’re really only posting about 2 to 3 signals per week with the premium signals group but they’ll way more profitable for the.

Past 3 months to start off this year they have been extremely profitable we have had a really good start or jump start on a year with our and we.

Are actually seeing some really good games from them of course like any trade or any trading you’re gonna have your ups and downs so every signal doesn’t win but usually by the end of the month we’ve really only taken eight.

Signals and we have way more profit then of course we did with day trading signals over with signals in the past so they really are the cream of the.

Crop and the thing with me is it allows me to freedom to fully use my strategy in such a way that I’ve been fit so when I.

See news I could respond to news now I can respond to chart movement now I can respond to my indicators and my.

Strategies now to where before him because I was constrained by time and um sorry about that.

But before him because I was actually constrained by time it’s for my Spanish lessons I’m actually because my I’m learning Spanish because my wife she’s out Salvadoran and family is El Salvadorian so I would try to work on that but because of the constraint of time I don’t think people actually realize how much time plays a factor and the success that.

You have with your signals that’s the reason why we.

Left Nadex because of the constraint of time Nadex.

Had time on the front end and on the back end and then they had the risk and all of those things changing within the time so i mean you had to kind of get within a sweet spot to get.
The quotes that you wanted but.

Then also they don’t mean that that necessarily that sweet spot would be what the markets wanted them to be at that specific time and with our day trading signals they have been struggling since the beginning of the year.

Actually have been slowly declining and i’ve been changing the risk and altering the risk and all that stuff they have pretty much been an exact replica of the premium signals I use the same charts the same indicators the same strategy you pretty much use the same stuff it’s just that the take profit in the stop-loss is pretty much condensed down so that the signals finished.

Much quicker but then also to there’s a couple of factors of different pairs that I use in order to trade those so that they don’t actually have to deal with too much volatility and stuff the issue that I found or the determining factor that.

I found in the difference between the day trading signals and the premium signals is time because I posted day trading signals at 5:00 p. every single day they are posted at the exact time every single day if I didn’t post them at 5 p.

Time every single day they would technically become premium signals but because they’re posted at a set time every single day I can see something at 12 a. earlier in the day but because I have that set time and there’s a.

Schedule that I go by because of the traders I’m trying to appeal to people who have jobs who have work or who have busy schedules and they can only get something at a.

Set time but because of that it changes the whole way that a signal performs you know the premium signals we’re up about plus 50% so far on the year which is actually pretty.

Good and that’s dealing with a couple of drawdown you know around that time but we’re doing really good for that in that retrospect but for the day trading signals we’re actually down about close to the same amount so unfortunately that’s actually the truth though but it’s because we’re taking way more signals so at first was taking about.

2 to 3 signals a day for day trading signals I convinced them down to 1 so the risk could be lowered but with that being the case the signals either don’t.

Always entered or – as well because of time and also because of the tight stop losses and things like that they actually don’t.

Finish well so uh well now when I was kind of assessing the premium signals and I was like well they do cuss cost a couple bucks more but they are more guaranteed to.

Actually make you money so don’t really matter but when I was looking at the premium signals in retrospect – the day trading signals and I was trying to figure out you know how is the way that I can appeal to.

The day traders but still give them the same or at least a moderate or good performance and I was trying different risks to risk management different stop-loss kind of stuff trying different ways to take signals but everything was constrained and bound to things happening at a certain time and I don’t think people actually.


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