They had gang rape –a gang rape.

Well, that turned outto be false.

That’s very dangerousfor our country.

That’s very dangerousfor our country.

And I have it myselfall the time.

But for me, it’s like a partof the job description. What he’s going through –36 years ago, this happened. “I had one beer, right?I had one beer. How did you get home?””I don’t remember.” “How’d you get there?””I don’t remember.” “Where is the place?””I don’t remember.” “How many years ago was it?””I don’t know.” “What neighborhood was it in?””I don’t know.” “Upstairs, downstairs,where was it?” “I don’t know. That’s the only thingI remember.” And a man’s lifeis in tatters — A man’s. His daughters are beautiful,incredible young kids.


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