Another week another influitive we’ve got an exciting one too it’s all about a brand new feature just released for the advocatehub platform one of our most requested features is the ability to perform an action for many advocates at once well good news this week we’ve added the ability to lock multiple advocates at once this is great if several.

Advocates are leaving their respective companies and are no longer planning to access your advocate hub you can also use this to prevent malicious users from accessing your hub here’s how to use this new feature.

On the advocates tab all advocates now have checkboxes for multi advocates selection check the box of any advocates you wish to lock click the actions drop-down.

And click lock in advocates you’ll be asked to confirm the action so if you’re sure you want to proceed click lock those advocates have now been locked the new Notification Center at.

The top of your page provides details on the status of this action and any other actions you’ve recently taken as an admin will.

Very soon so keep an eye out for further info let us know what you.

Think of this new feature in our discussions thread and make sure to like this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel new content every week Cheers.


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