Traders are ready to continue selling theeuro, but they don’t hurry to do it.

Probably, the euro-dollar pair will hit thefresh yearly low today.

The probability of it is really high.
Amid the EU’s conflict with Italy and ultra-loosemonetary policy of the monetary authorities, market participants expected no changes.
The euro was hovering near the level of 1.

Met market’s expectations and left the interest rate unchanged at the zero level. The ECB is not going to tighten the monetarypolicy as long as the inflation rate lags behind the target level and risks of an economicslowdown persist. However, markets paid little attention to this news as they are waiting for Mario Draghi’s comments.

The speech of the ECB Governor can triggera massive selloff in the euro.

At the same time, the American dollar weakenedslightly amid a crash on the US stock market. The weaker greenback put the pound sterlingunder pressure as well. The British currency was trading at 2-month low on the back of continuous.

Uncertainty over the Brexit deal. Theresa May faces a risk of resignation andthe repeated vote on the EU membership. One thing is clear: trades on the Europeancurrencies are too risky at the moment. Be careful and avoid risky deals.


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