How’s everything what does that even way to go buddy did you get their number go go go dude now let’s go get her number go get a mallet stop flirting yeah stop it oh that’s that’s gross I don’t like hair play I’ve made David promise that I would be in the vlogs every vlog for the next two months.
Since he’s been such a bad friend lately.

Two months so this is this is my punishment literally like going to prison a lot of people on the blog for the comment.

Saying that their mom Spinks in a lot what would you do if your mom spanked you know what would she do if your mom spanked you is because you’re a misbehaving here cuz you’re ugly no what do you look for in boys you don’t have to answer funny just what do you look for in a guy I literally don’t look for anything if a boy shows me attention I’m like oh my god.
Would you date a fan literally turned off for hey.

We said that objects are rejecting me now all right that was a lot of questions we good that exile All Right see you later Gaby bye bye this logs gonna be mostly being timid because looks are David and I because.

We’re not going to Coachella why don’t we want to go tell the David go to Coachella because we don’t.

Like drugs exactly lies and I are working on a video for her channel yeah it’s not out yet we’re here are some sneak peeks have you.

Noticed that everyone in California is gorgeous actually seriously they have like perfect bodies that’s how I know you belong here because there needs.

To be someone to break that stereotype what Wow why people can’t make it out of anything what do you mean white people can make a beat out of anything and that’s what I.

Knew that it was time to be a white person who can make a beat out of anything finished perfect you did make a bead out of anything all right we just use these beats.

Through my video and I don’t know what to do with them just gonna go beat somebody with it are.

You throwing them out yeah wait Liza Liza don’t drop them don’t drop them thanks watching Lindsey makes you like to subscribe tweet me a favorite dobrik anything else I’d like okay well I’m here so who do you think.

You are really good thank you you’re good-looking going to thank you but no I mean like you have a good person out you’re funny the studio really appreciated that I’m sorry to you really cute too yeah you ready.


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