If you’re not a fan of notches or smartphones well we have good news for you following Oppo and vivo Xiaomi has also come with its all screen smartphone design which is this me mix free how did he do it well it’s a slider phone now Xiaomi has managed to achieve this all screen design by first shrinking the antenna.

Design insiders chin and secondly this whole screen here is actually a slider now the sliding mechanism here relies on a couple of magnetic sliders inside and so far I.

Haven’t had any issues with it it feels snappy responsive and reliable and according to Xiaomi this should be good.

For up to around 300,000 clicks which should be good for several years now most importantly on the front you have a six point three nine inch full HD Plus AMOLED display which looks very nice and once you slide down you get to see the 24 megapixel front-facing camera along with.

Its 2 megapixel assistive camera for some bulky effects sigh the back up get back to the screen on the back you get a pair of 12 megapixel cameras one for wide-angle shots.

And the other for telephoto so.

It’s basically the same camera module as the one on the mean 8 so as you would expect from the premium me mix family this me mix.

Free is yet another flagship phone with flatter’d specs featuring a Snapdragon 805 chipset with up to 10 gigabytes of RAM when that special edition comes out at the end of November in.

Terms of storage you also get up to 256 gigabytes which is pretty nice just like the rest of me mix family you also get a ceramic body on the back of this remix free just to give you that premium touch as well as extra polishing which goes great with this color in my.

Course there’s also this blue version and a black version but for me I think the green one is the one to go for in terms of build quality there’s very little to complain about right now the phone feels great slightly mechanism feels solid so far and well the colors here just look fantastic as well now in terms of availability.

I’m not exactly sure when you’ll be seeing this outside of China but if you do want to get the tank gigabyte RAM version just fly yourself out to China around the end of.

And pay around 5,000 yen obviously it will be giving the mimics free a thorough review when we get hold of a review unit until.

Then stay tuned on n-gage calm you.



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