Oh welcome to dad does and today we are checking out the access three fanless mini pc sticks so this is pretty cool um you might look at this it’s where these devices which you can plug in to the hdmi of any TV or monitor and it’s going to give you a full pc in here so at first glance.

You look and it’s like oh looks like a Roku stick something like that a lot more powerful.

Actually has a Windows 10 Pro installed let’s go through some of the specs right handed and of course more boxes so Windows 10 Pro quad-core Intel a Gemini lake in 4140 gigs of ram 32 gigabytes of storage on it 4k at 60 frames per second also has two 3.
0 USB jacks on it so pretty full-featured for such a little mini PC stick let’s.

Open it up and take a closer look alright so we do take out the packaging pretty straightforward here I’m gonna start with the simple stuff AC adapter here this is where you plug it in to power it up fivefold adapter this is.

Kind of nice because it’s an HDMI basically extension through this work since you can plug it.

Your TV or monitor but let’s see just because the way it works you don’t want it like sticking right out of your monitor like that this just allows you to extend it out so this can be hang a little bit lower somewhere on.

It but let’s get into the device itself the access three really cool look to it and I think a lot of this as we flip it over to the back is about dissipating Heat so a fanless PC you see it there it says big old warning on.

Back here and what the morning basically says is that during labor intensive CPU intensive stuff it can get really hot don’t worry about it they have a patented system for dissipating that heat but they give you that warning here just let me.
Gonna be hot the reason why it’s fanless.

To is silent you don’t want something really loud humming away in your TV room let’s.

Go over all the different ports here so I’m sorry now HDMI.

Here since where you will plug it in.

To your TV or monitor power switch here we move over here this is your micro USB where you’re going to plug in the power to power this up with the AC adapter they so nice they have included two USB 3.0 and this is important you can hook up a lot of different stuff but you can hook up things like a keyboard which is something you would obviously want to use with a PC on a.

Stick like this going over onto the back gigabyte Ethernet so that’s where we the fastest if you wire it up but does you can see the antenna here I’ve built-in dual.4 and 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi also locking over here we have our audio out jack so you can plug in headphones if you want over here well as Kingston Lock things so you.
Cannot hook this up have it locked and moving over.

You see there’s a lot in this little thing so you know a lot of different uses for this wanna stress it again has Windows 10 Pro so this is a full PC on a stick here so you can.

This if you’re doing presentation something like that you always worry about if you bring your PowerPoint or they have to the right all the right drivers right.


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