Welcome to the dark bastard show it’s your host Christian young tape and we are about to play Fear Factor let’s go welcome welcome welcome to days of bent is going to host three different events for different characters and it’s gonna have lots of fierce it’s definitely gonna be a factor today let’s see if the contestants can make it.

To the end and the winner will win.

But before we get to that every round someone will be eliminated so the first contestant that I will introduce today is Jack now we have Jackie what do you have.

To tell the fans yes I stared she was like I don’t want to do this but it seems she fool canceled that feel Thank You Jackie and now the second contestant I would like to introduce Alexander welcome welcome welcome have you ready to win the fear factor I’m ready it’s ready you heard you hear laughs he’s ready thank you thank you very much and the next contestant I would like to introduce and just summoned obvious people from midair there’s a mister already talking to Jackie guess what and your fourth contestant is not.

Only its you’re truly the person that you know best Christian guild a four contestants will go to round one where we have the we be warm challenge so this event the rules are simple there are 13 worms scattered in this whip master of a play right there and they have to get it with their Mouse onto.

This silver bling and the first person to get all of their transfers they win but there’s a maxim there’s a max of a minute so if a minute succeeds we stop and then we count so we have contestants Jackie from Puerto Rico an X from New Jersey hey Jersey boy the contest begins in 3 2 1 what and that’s it challenge is completed this is Alexander how many worms he.

Got seven ones to Jackies one whoa it’s to Kate vs.

Christian so the rules are simple you already know them to make it to the next round mean to get that.

Least get one warm to beat Jackie the contest begins in three two one from you guys our thirty seconds in get your warms early bird against the warm then Gollum time I couldn’t breathe but it tasted those really delicious alright guys we have counted the warms that we have the official account I got 10 which I beat Alex by 3 but the T.

KB T by 3 I’m a New York City to get all 13 1 more teams in a minute so TK is the winner to the next you see this.

Little thing it’s a fidget spinner that we have modified for Halloween it’s a Halloween fit it’s been a stall of.

The way it works is we put it.

In the middle there is three bases too round number two so there’s the base.

There’s the middles and then there’s the tapas resection there.

Is good stuff to put in your smoothie and there is disgusting stuff to put in your smoothie same with all of.

These so you got a 50-50 chance of either getting catch-up and cheese or chocolate and your smoothie so with this whole round will indulge us three the three brothers will go against each other to see if fear is not a factor the first person is going to spin this fidget spinner just like so so Alex’s base is going to.

Be pudding now I spin it and my base it’s gonna be pudding as well so we have each chosen our own fates Alex will be going with the base of a snack pack pudding Italian dressing and marshmallow Marsh and marshmallow cereal.

Christian over here has a base of chocolate syrup and some wells Welch grape and peanut butter and a little drip of hot sauce for the top for mine my base will be some yogurt some cheese and de Jean mustard let the games begin so make our drinks more liquidy we will put two shots of almond milk in each of our flavored drinks it doesn’t matter they’ll do the same thing it’s just.

The power I tried the game it depends on how well we got Alex’s Christians TK’s we got our deep flavors going strong are you gonna know you gotta be but one one gildea can win.

Only one it’s the most competitive guild day of the family so.

I’m gonna be watered down there thank you drank the. hot sauce right so knowing that one challenged but I lost because I was the first person to give up so Christian and Alex must go against.

Each other head-to-head and put their hands in these three boxes and pick out their dopest Chris show card there were also duplicates inside that don’t say this.

So if they picked these up they don’t win but if they pick up this one out of these three boxes whoever does.

It first in the fastest time wins and as.

Can see it’s a little bit crazy you doesn’t want to come out as love there’s a little guy in here yeah so let’s see how they.

React to this our first contestant will be Christian are you ready yes.

Go do the boxes get your dad’s heart what was the feeling like weird spiders there you go Dobis Christo’s yep Oh No okay also you should probably wash your hands before you put your hand in the next one way easier there tonight I’m liking someone’s body and I’m fishing there’s a piece of cardboard in there how.

Is it yeah it’s these on both sides so that’s how you know to the fish four minutes hey don’t hit it attack you chops tonight four minutes and 18 seconds so for our last contestant Alexander do day do you think.

You can find these in less than four minutes and 14 seconds within one minute 26 let’s see if we can do it in three two one oh no.

You have to find the one who sees Dax don’t pass fish maybe it’s animatronics when we’re trying.

To scare you did you find it yeah don’t bash crash oh no that’s it goes in a closed one minute and 40 seconds you’re still being Christian you got this well you gotta find it there within.

Seconds there and don’t forget you have another box ago don’t look at the box no no no no the whole did she double dipping double dipping you sure you don’t feel it’s night it has to be I put it in there Wow okay well any mother bitch you love it you it was and here is the winner Oh fear factor fear.

Was not a factor for him throughout each round he went through it he persevered and now he is your winner hello it’s a big honor to win Fear Factor the dope is crucial because I’ve been watching this show since I was little.

Every single episode even though there’s only been one episode because this is the first time you episode this dumb effects showdown.

But guys tune in next week it’s gonna be better bigger greater just watching it I recommend it to your friends and join the challenge the challenge ends October 30th the person who can make the.

The best to post on Instagram and tag me they will win a grand fanatic prize that you will want to miss so tune in every week and this was not so fast Chris show.


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