Welcome to the BiggerPockets money podcast show number 40 where we interviewed Joe Sal see hi from stacking benjamins it’s time for a new American Dream one that doesn’t involve working in a cubicle for 40 years barely scraping by whether you’re looking to get your financial house in order invest the money you already have or discover new paths for.

Wealth creation you’re in the right place this show is for anyone who has money or wants more this is the bigger pockets.
How’s a good everybody I’m Scott trench I’m here with my co-host.

Miss Mindy Jensen how you do today Mindy I’m doing great Scott how are you today I am doing fantastic I’m very.

Excited to interview Joe who is got a just incredible charisma and energy about him and host of the stacking.

Benjamins podcast and over there second bedroom is calm which is one of my favorite podcast and just like a really fun time with a lot of insider jokes that is kind of an addicting addicting personality and show so yes I love stacking benjamins I listen to this show when I’m working around the house.

Most typically when we’re cleaning up the basement.

Are cleaning out the garage usually cleaning out the garage I don’t.

Know why my garage gets so much crap in it so we throw on a couple of episodes of stacking benjamins as we’re cleaning up and it’s just it’s kind of interesting to have this guy.

On my show that I listen to all the time his his voice is always in my head and then.

Here I get to talk to him so yes I am very excited he’s not usually telling all about his life so this was a really fun episode to record yeah he’s also got a brilliance about financial management that and and a story that I actually hadn’t heard before I’ve listened to some of his podcasts not.

All of them but I really enjoy a show but I had never heard his personal story before so I.

Was really really excited and grateful to hear that and he’s got a very awesome set.

Of experiences that are really applicable to a lot of people yeah and I mean I can’t believe that somebody who is a certified financial planner made money mistakes they should be perfect right and it’s kind of refreshing I would think for somebody who is in.

Or you know hasn’t reached financial independence yet to hear from somebody you know we’ve done this a couple of times on the show where we hear from somebody who is supposed to be a money expert but they.
Also made mistakes in the past so you know don’t beat yourself up because.

You have a less than perfect financial situation just take the information and apply it to your own self love it well should we bring them in let’s bring in Joe Joe Sophie hi welcome to the BiggerPockets money podcast how you doing today am I really here you’re.

Really here you finally made it you’re probably a big enough deal to be on our show this is a live stream I’d like to thank all the little people who helped me get here fantastic if I start sweating profusely in here in the presence of greatness just just call me.

Down I will call you out I will say this before we start so Scot was nice enough to autograph a couple.


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