Get full episodes of the damage report as a podcast on iTunes and Android and you go out to the live show every weekday on YouTube TV the midterm is fast approaching we turn to some very tight congressional races with huge sakes where awesome progressives are running against some of the worst Republicans in the country and in that vein.

I would like to welcome back to the show congressional candidate candidate Carr Eastman.

Welcome to the damage report hi thanks for having me back glad to have you here so there’s a few different things I’d like to talk about in.
Your race which now is in the closing.

Weeks I saw recently on Twitter that you had um done like a tweet thread about strategy and messaging and differentiating yourself from your Republican opponent in terms of you attending you trying to focus on a positive outlook the the policies that you’re supporting and he has gone in a slightly different direction.

Can you talk a little bit about that distinction sure well when when like when I launched this campaign you know I’m tired of the.

Way that our political system is and the way campaigns are run and it gets so negative and I just want to know the facts and and what the candidates are putting out and what they.

Support and then I’m smart enough to be able to make my own decision and so I feel like the voters deserve that same from me and so we’ve really run just a very large grassroots campaign but with a very positive message about what we could be fighting for right now in the country because I believe that.

It’s better to fight for something than just be against.

Something although I’m against a lot of things right now but.

But my my opponent on the other hand his strategy has been to use Republican talking points to put.

Out ads that spread false information about Who I am and what I stand for and to scare the American public into voting against a terrifying Democrat who just wants people to have health care and that free education that does sound scary when you put.

Scary yeah so one of the big trends in this election is like first time candidates outsider.

Candidates really like making their mark on the Democratic Party in a way that I haven’t previously seen now in some areas that.

Has actually led to a little bit of difficulty back in the primary some of these new candidates found that some of the traditional establishment groups which do you know help to fund these up primary campaigns do endorsements and things like that they were very hands-off if not even hostile in some cases.

To candidates like that what was your experience in that area in terms of some of these traditional large groups sort of getting involved in the primary process well for for us most of the establishment groups stayed out or supported my primary opponent there were groups like the p triple c and justice democrats that were very supportive of me in the primary and i’m grateful for that but.

But after the primary but most if not all of those groups have come back in and have been great and we’ve done really well with their help yeah and now that you’ve moved past the primary are some of those groups i mean considering that you know a lot of these races including yours this is like this is pretty.
Tight are they now being more supportive now that you’ve locked down.

The other nomination well it’s hard for me to compare it to something because this is the first time i’ve run for a federal office but I do feel like we’ve had a lot of support.

The d-triple-c you know groups like Emily’s list and narrow and Sierra Club now come in and endorse me and so and I’m grateful for their help okay good now you actually hit most of the ones I was concerned about so I’m glad to hear that they’re actually being more supportive now so you were talking about a positive vision for the.

Future so I’ve been trying to make the case daily on the show that you know the stakes in the selection that could not be higher if you were lucky.

Enough to win if the Democrats indeed are able to to retake the house what are some of the things that you think you could be helpful in pushing for like what are some of the things that that people should have on the horizon and and want make.

Them want to go out and vote want to see a change in the the composition of the house well first and and one of the.

Biggest issues in this district from I mean now we’ve knocked about 140,000 doors and health care comes up the most of any issue and so I want to work on health care it’s.

The reason I’m running I believe that everybody in this country should have access to health care and that we should have to choose between paying our prescription drugs and.

Putting food on the table so that’s why I’m running and that’s one of the things that I think we should be fighting for right now more than ever because this is a crisis in our country I meet far too many people that are drowning in medical bills or having health issues and they’re.

Scared they’re scared that the Republican Party is gonna take away their health care and this has real ramifications for people and.

I think that if you’re a policymaker who’s in Washington and perhaps you didn’t come from any kind of background where you meet regular working people every day that maybe you don’t understand the plight that Americans go through no I’m so glad that you brought that up because actually I’m very curious about that I mean you’ve been talking to so many voters both.

General election but also back during the primary there are these various narratives about what is driving people to vote what is getting people fired up and things like that but based on your experience I.
Mean you mentioned health care right there but what are the other.

Issues that the the more national media is not getting about what’s driving political engagement in.

Health care is the number one thing we hear at the doors.

Student debt comes up a lot.

We have a lot of people in the district who are drowning in debt and this is not.

Just impacting young people although it’s a huge issue for young people you’ve got parents who have their own student loans and now they’re taking on their kids student loans and senior citizens you got 20% of senior citizens who have student.


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