Finding your life’s purpose now it’s not easy it’s not easy it’s a process so what’s the difference between going for your passion and going for purpose what’s the difference in that well in my personal opinion you know chasing after your passion is chasing what you want to do you know chasing after money goods and services men women whatever.

But your purpose is what God or the universe or Allah or Jesus or Buddha or Krishna or you know Superman that is what that is.

You’re born with right it’s something that a the.

Bestowed upon you so whatever your belief is what do you believe.

Or not that doesn’t matter if we all have a natural-born Talent or purpose right for me personally I was always good at drawing art I never take classes or anything like that I don’t know I don’t know why I’m just automatically good with art drawing anyway not painting that’s different but somebody.
Else might be both might have a board talent to play basketball or to be.

A teacher or or they’re naturally born.

To get to to learn to know how to solve math or you know algebra some people are just they’re there did their wires their brain.

Is wired that way so we’re all different life is not black and white you know that’s what that’s what.

Life is it’s diverse so finding your life’s purpose you know a lot of people they their purpose is whatever Society or their parents or their friends their colleagues their purpose is determined by others you know you got to find out what is your purpose there is no easy.

Answers it’s not gonna happen overnight but when you find your purpose let’s let’s assume you want to I don’t.

Know maybe be promoted to a manager or maybe you want to start small business or maybe you want to be an entrepreneur or maybe you want to be an investor whatever you want to do now that you found your purpose now you gotta go out there and actually do it and a lot of people are afraid of.

Either failure or success right and.

I’m not gonna sit here and try to figure out why people do this and why people don’t do that you know that’s just life you know that my best guess is life is a mystery that’s my best guess and I’m not gonna spend that much.

Time on how come people do it and how come people don’t not just life so when you find your purpose and you go you want to go out there and actually do it you know why.

Why do you want to learn from your mistakes right somebody out there invented the wheel and all you have to do is just read the read the blueprints right so don’t make it life hard on yourself save a lot of time by having role models whatever you want.

There did it right somebody spend their whole life or years writing a book and all you have to do is go out there and read it it’s free to the public library how much does.

Card it’s nothing it’s free so if you don’t have to have money just.

Go to the library read and then go out you know do your thing so role models find a role model after you find your purpose right so you could save time and headache and trial and error and you you’re always gonna make mistakes trial and error that just you know losing is part of winning so don’t ever think that but you got you just got to keep.

Moving forward you know my favorite story about you know failure is Thomas Edison you know he failed and failed and failed trying to tweak the light bulb and and everybody you know you know tell him you know stop you’re wasting time but in his.

Mind he what he accomplished his purpose he just hasn’t gotten there yet but he wasn’t gonna stop even though people were laughing at him and.

You know calling him a failure and and all those things that comes with the negativity that comes with life so you know be sure to have some negative people that’s trying to attack your purpose and you gotta.

Stay in guard and being in defense you know you might have to cut off a few people from your life or not it’s decision time it’s up to you but in my personal opinion life is too short to be playing these games with people who want to drag you down right because if you’re not going forward.

You’re definitely going backwards and life is about going forward.

Right you know happiness is about making progress knowing.

That you’re better today then you are than you were to yesterday and you know you’re gonna be even better tomorrow.

And so that’s I think that’s what life is all about making progress making mistakes along the way you know enjoying the journey enjoying the ride on your way talking.

To people making friends and you know helping people or do whatever.

You want to do you know just taking it take life in you know take that time to enjoy the scenery you know the clouds you know the trees and taking it all in that’s what life is all about coz you only live once right based on what you believe in it doesn’t matter so leave a comment down below tell me.

What’s your life purpose you know it my life’s purpose is whatever I want it to be right and it could change right it’s not what you were yesterday doesn’t have to be who you are today you could change my life’s purpose is to be an entrepreneur being an investor being a businessman you know be go out there and help people.

However I can and take it one day at a time and until next time I’ll see you soon.


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