What is going on guys welcome back in this video I’m going to be giving you my 8 step blueprint to actually succeeding with your online business so if you want to learn exactly what these 8 steps are make sure you watch this entire video welcome back to my channel guys thank you once again for checking out my content.

I really do appreciate it if this is your first time on my channel my name is Kurt Buckhannon.

Channel I teach people how to start and run a successful online business that is something I’ve been doing for over two years now my drop shipping business and even my youtube channel so if you want to learn exactly why I did it so you can do it for yourself as well make sure you get subscribed to my channel and you can.

Do that by clicking on the red button below my video and tapping on the notification tab alright so with that said let’s dive into this video where I’m gonna show you guys exactly the 8 step blueprint for you to be successful with your online business every single day.

A lots of people try to start internet based businesses needless to say most.

Actually end up feeling within a very short period of time why is that really most of these businesses have not taken the time out to fully understand exactly what is required for them to be successful within their field.

But what I’ve done is I’ve done quite a lot of research a deep digging to find out exactly what it is that is required to be successful with an internet based business and I think I’ve found it and right now I’m starting to build out my online profile and my business online is slowly growing um these ideas I’m going to be sharing with you right now are not just my ideas these are ideas taken from people.

Such as Gary Vee ty Lopez Don lock and a lot of other very successful internet business owners alright so let me talk to you about what these 8 steps are so I can almost guarantee you that if you.

Well you too will realize some success for your internet based business alright so step number one says that you should always choose a niche so make sure you identify and choose a niche and stick to that niche at least for a very long period of time until you have built up some formal Authority in that field.

Alright so some of the most recommend but you should start your internet-based business out about they are health wealth and relationships anything that has to do with health wealth creation our relationships always tend to do well as an internet based business all right so the Internet is of course evolving so I’m sure a lotta other niche ideas can be successful as well so it doesn’t necessarily.

Mean that you have to stick to these three core niches I recommended this particular website to my audience before it’s called niche hacks and if you want to find different niche ideas it’s a good place to go and check out I’m not affiliated with this website but you can definitely find some great ideas on this website relating to a niche ideas step number two is for you to start building out your online profile what you would realize as well with all of these successful are semi successful internet marketers is that they.


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