To get started I am going to be making a pika deal to fill my chile rellenos with here I have a preheated pan I’ve added a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil and I am going to be browning 1 pound of lean ground beef now if you are using a higher fat content ground beef then you probably don’t need.

To add oil I’m going to add seasonings to my taste here I’m just going to shake some garlic powder I didn’t measure it so when.

You season this start with a 1/2.

Teaspoon and go from there here I’m adding some onion powder about 1/4 teaspoon I’m also going to be adding some freshly cracked black pepper and eventually I will add one.
Blue youngkyu but for right.

Now I’m going to break the meat apart and brown it now that my meat is browned and broken apart I’m going to add some freshly diced onion this is a half of a small onion and I just roughly diced it and I’m going to saute that with the ground beef next I’m going.

To add two diced medium potatoes and again in a picadillo it’s basically just a hash I know some peak ideals come more soupy and tomatoey but I prefer mine more on the drier side especially when I am going to fill my chile rellenos with this so I’m just going to saute the meat the potatoes the onion for.

A couple of minutes and then once the potatoes are sauteed for around three or five minutes I am going to add one blue young cube and I didn’t have beef boo-yan which works well for this but I’m using chicken today and if.

You prefer not to use boo-yan you could also just season with salt to taste next I’m going to be adding one cup of fresh corn this was around two ears of fresh sweet corn that I just cut off the cob you can also use one can of corn but really if you have the chance use fresh corn it does add a great flavor to the picadillo now that everything.

Is browned and sauteed I’m now going to add one cup and a half of water and I’m just going to make sure everything.

In the mixed I’m going to cover it with a lid and allow it to simmer for around.

15 to 18 minutes or until my potatoes are tender it has been on a low simmer for around 18 minutes and I’m just going to check the doneness of the potato typically when I cook it like.

This the potatoes are always tunned so I’m pretty sure it’s done basically at this point once you have your picadillo filling done you want to set it aside and allow it to cool this is why I always make this first now before I move on I also.

Wanted to show you the other part of the filling and that will be muhaha cheese this is a melting.

Cheese and if you can’t find this type of cheese use what you have available.

Monterey Jack or mozzarella works just as well so moving on I’m going to start to prepare my Chile’s and here I have six.

Poblano peppers I have given them a quick rinse and cold water and I’ve tried them sometimes when I buy these Gina’s they have a lot of.

Dirt around the stem area which is why I always rinse them so you might want to look for that when you do this okay so here is the first step to preparing your Chi listen you want to roast them and you want to blister and char the skin to peel it off this is going to allow the egg and flour to stick to your Chile’s when you fry them so you don’t want to skip this and it is tedious I think I’ve seen somewhere where.

You could also roast them in a high temperature in the oven but when I.

Just so used to charring them on the stovetop and this is how I do them and I also wanted to add that when you do this be.

Sure you have proper ventilation right now for filming purposes I don’t have the fan running.

But I will soon enough when things start to heat up but I wanted to give you a closer look it’s going to pop and blister.

And this is a good sign that the skin is pulling away from the cheela and it’ll make it easier to peel and I’d have to say the most important tip when making chile rellenos is patience I absolutely understand why my grandmother dreaded when my.

Grandfather brought home two big bags of Chile poblano because she knew it was time to get in the kitchen and cheela to annals and it is work but it’s well worth it when your family loves what you cook this is the type of charring that you’re looking for and eventually you’ll end up with your chili like this.

And that’s when it’s ready to be put into your plastic bag you want to add all of your roasted Chile’s in this plastic bag you’re going to enclose them and let them set for around 15 to 20 minutes and let.

Them sweat and this will make it easier for you to peel the Chile’s my cheetahs had been sitting in the back for.

Around 20 minutes and before warned that they will still be hot so be careful and this is exactly.
What you want the skin to peel off just like that so now it’s time to.

Get your hands dirty and just start peeling away all the charred skin now that my Chile’s have been cleaned and all the seeds removed from the insides I am.
Now ready to stuff them here I have my sliced.

Cheese my peak of EO is completely cooled and ready to be worked with so now I’m going to place all of my cheese’s on the baking sheet and I am going to be stuffing them and using toothpicks to close them up and ready them to be fried now.

Stuffed and closed I am going to be taking six eggs separating the whites from the yolks and I am going to beat the egg.

Whites until stiff peaks form basically you want to use a one to one ratio one egg per chila and this will definitely give you enough egg to encode all of your chilli channels to fry them I actually used one extra egg you’ll notice I have seven eggs when I start adding the egg.

Yolks because I lost count I was distracted but definitely one egg to one chila is the way.

To go now that my eggs are done I am ready to start frying my Chile’s so basically I am going to dredge all of my Chile’s in flour you want to make sure you dredge.

In flour and then coat them with the egg this will ensure that the.

Egg sticks to the Cheetahs so basically once you dredge it in the flour you want to dip it into the egg and then straight from the egg you want to put it into your preheated.

Oil and you’ll do this sort of like an assembly line it’s the easiest way and if you do find some parts exposed by the egg you could also just add.


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