Show it’s time for salutes Adventure Center Homer the negative Trinity live on two days folks the Nuggets with their last game here in Denver before heading back out on the road picking up some speed and have taken play this well all season we excellent this young team Kevin you can see the confidence starting of who’s that’s always important.

For a young team get some wins build some confidence and typically that can perpetuate itself.

Yet they they’re showing maturity playing well beyond their years right now and give credit to that coaching staff they’ve done an excellent job young guys to do to light a look at the.

Opening lineup for the Houston Rockets Chris Paul is out there with Harden then it’s PJ Tucker and it’s Anthony and it’s capella in at the home in the page the Rockets were able to make it to the second spot in the West at the very end of the season actually came down to.

The last day it could have ended as low as six going into the final games and jelly here this is gonna pick up the phone that is his first follow the game good father picked up here in the opening borders Harris against Harden the shop and it’s tender with the rebound it just didn’t come out on top last time they took down the Rockets that one was played down in Houston yeah.

And their last time playing against this club they fell short a lot of cheap fouls really plagued their starting here and you know Greg that not only robbed them of some key minutes but I think it really affected.

Their rhythm and flow in the game they’ll try to play it more disciplined and safer tonight it’s just such a well-rounded offensive player he’s got a little bit of everything Thomas against Paul Thomas picks deported Yogesh passes to Harris inside and that one’s good yoga there’s something for the top ten highlight reel right.

Just as sweet and as pretty as a dunk sometime blasting TVs is a cappella Anthony on the wing here’s to moving the ball around six on the shot clock it’s.

Martin with the drug plays it up and makes it in pardons got his second basket of the game defensively that possession better not start a trend because they just handed him two points to the.

Middle that one’s guru yoga of what to lead you to the right place with that pass money fall outside outside Anthony feeds it’s a chocolate Annoying huntin ninety by Harris argument no go well for James Hunt with his incredible regular season last year Clark knew he was in for.
Great postseason as well vanish explode 440 index.

Now here’s Paul Tucker dishes the Paul and Tucker gets to answer the basket is second of two attempts and it looks like he might just be.

His a game today for the Nuggets trail and was harden in the playoffs it was an all or nothing the situation returns he definitely stole some games for.

Houston in their run to the Conference Finals the man did he have a roughly.

Linear four or five shots and drop for them already now the pen way to get things started and we’re just over three and a half minutes.

Into the first quarter down it goes for his third basket in his many trials and you know that tough game for.

Hardin in the Conference Finals a dozen turnovers for set an NBA record for most turnovers in a playoff game not how he wanted to go out.

Can carry a team for stretches during the play it’s an unusual surprise he missed for him typically he’s good.

Takes it to Tucker football.

With the play-doh an offensive rebound mr.
Harden Paul outside this prior consent to call Chris Paul one of the all-time great point gone for a long time as far that Chris Paul wasn’t the.

Top point guard in the league even now you can make arguments for others but Paul is always going to be in the conversation and with Paul it is better years for stretches than him but but he just puts up huge numbers year in and year out literally like clockwork Denver with a platoon swap here on.

The floor Houston with a big group substitution here Nanae he’s checked in for capella Anderson comes in for PJ Tucker.

Three he’s checked in for him and Gordon subbed in for Jane both free-throws good from Paul you know it’s amazing to me how little fanfare cp3 gets I mean he’s not a flashy player but you looked at his effectiveness on the court and he’s a once-in-a-generation kind of challenge he’s done it all his entire career timeout is called burst of the game for the Nuggets they put up a nice win against the Bucks the last timeout you.

Know that they played well enough to win but to be honest with you I just felt like there on its defensive performance was shaky at this yeah I go along with that Greg I mean the game wasn’t handed to him but they definitely didn’t have to work as hard for it as they should have Vonnegut stroll by for there is the best of bumhole there’s the pic and a foul on the shot he’ll go to this right for two Mason.

Plumlee will really put it on you tough hard-nosed player has the size to bang and the athleticism GA to run the court it is interesting Kevin his game translated better ever professional when Navy as a he’s a guy that’s a lunch pill kind.
Of player rolls up his sleeves focuses in and willing to do the dirty work.

About the comparison college to pro I think you’re right on the rumbly had some bonus you know back to Plumlee he showed steady improvement last season and pulled statistically and just about every category over his rookie year he could become a little less mechanical with his post game I think he could even go higher now here’s green he’s coming off a ten-point game against Brooklyn the excellent use of the screen that time you know the defense has got to do a much better job.

Of fighting over those screens and Greg especially when the ball is in his hand I mean come on you.

Know he doesn’t miss too many open looks like that and easy two points on the way one thing about Plumlee going back he’s been a tremendous rebounder he can shoot over 60% in.

The field forward with a free-throw.

Shooter last season under 50% which cost at least a couple teams there’s been plenty a little hack a Mason strong behind the art the first time he’s been over 40 percent in his career you know we were talking about Eric Gordon who’s always a great range.


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