Before heading overseas you know Kevin he came back with a better shot and a better understanding of how the wind as a player strange to think that there was a time that he couldn’t find a way onto an NBA roster and the second free throw good and for Gerald green another productive year last season coming off the bench though it was.

A smaller role a small step back from.

The season before when he started over half the games for the Sun there was a log jam and feet except the one position last season he certainly matured though as he never complained about not starting just went out and did his job please it in without quick hands on the steel and blue feet on the brake yeah careless silly mistake there though I mean coughing the wall up and then not be quick enough to get back on defense that’s coffee.

Offensive rebound the official cause the bow it may be a 3-point way more points tacked on to their lead and in the cruelest way possible you’re right those booklet Jim steamed open my things they really hurt yummy the defense forces of history hang in there material greed is hard to not think about the star that could have.

Been the 18th pick in 2005 graphed right out of high school and basically athleticism and upside in his game then he’s finally made it in the NBA now but as improved with skills and Yao in place of explosives there’s Carter Williams the Mavericks making the shot.

From that one able to maintain control and finish the blood yeah we call that plane through the whistle you know he didn’t give up on it when he heard the whistle he kept.

His focus his concentration they found a way to get the shot up and down Anthony’s checked in for the name and Al is also making his switch JJ Barea is checked in for Smith and talking about jail green it seems.

Like he spent in the league forever but he was only 29 years old last seen by large he’s avoided.

Major injury so he still got plenty of tread left on those tires if he wants.

To keep going at it for a little while longer now here’s buzz 17 Jackson getting himself to line the.

Black Falcon I mean he was a high school phenom in Ames Iowa we pick back in 2012 school he was a teammate of dougie big buckets there are some bonds of boys went to North.

Carolina huge fan of former time started taking Jordans games on the VCR bricen Jordan here’s.

Happening again here’s Dean please set up by parea DS get a second bucket runs out when we’re heading to halftime Mavericks lead by six and now let’s catch up with Doris.

Burke who’s standing by on the.

So far well they’re getting too many open boots in degrees we’re lucky they’re missing a few see they.

Stretch out so much you got to learn you got to change coach thank you so much over to you guys at the table all right Doris thank you and time now for the halftime break with the third quarter soon to follow here on 2k sports the 2k sports halftime show hello again everybody.

Ernie Johnson here joined by Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny the jet Smith we welcome you to the halftime show on 2k Sports the first quarter for the Mavericks was fairly even some nice.


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