Stretches of basketball from them and at one point they pushed the lead up to 7 the second quarter was when things really came together for them and the result is they were able to build a solid six-point lead at the half and Kenny what are your thoughts on how Dallas played well they called the right place and then they executed him great job in.

The first half that’s why they were so efficient and they sat so accurately the defense through a number of different looks at him but they were always prepared because they were cool calm and efficient Shaq how do you think.

The Rockets were playing their transition game was really strong I really feel them gave them a big injection of energy into the offense they can maintain that fast dial in the second half they got a great chance to take control of this game and that’ll do it for now as we send you back to Kevin Harlan for the start of the second half both sides have assessed what they need to do over the break in halftime we’ll.

See now one can a fantastic in from the magician in this room we just love it.

When the decision-making is as anything guys I think here in the second half though they.

May be more assertive start hunting more for his shot even the.

Tough mavericks lady by 6 and now let’s check out the lineups courtesy of gatorade all fueled up and ready to go for the second half of basketball and so in the game for the Rockets we got it’s too small and it’s that possession yeah no hesitation at all taking that one.

To the basket beautifully done now the Mavericks with it and they’re off to Philadelphia after this game is they’ll take on the 76 years and that game will be Game two of three straight on the road over in the corner Matthews the bascinets Smith with this is dead time Matthews has got the lead up to.

Seven now for the man no one near that’s a warm up jumper for him deep to and that’s collected by DeAndre Jordan a slight advantage for them in the rebound Department but that oftentimes is all it takes especially your egg when you’re scoring the ball at a decent clip the way they have exactly what’s necessary to take the lead with its begin.

Solano Vermont and it’s off the background no good the rocket shooting memory with it Matthews covering its Carmelo Anthony on the way outside he dishes at the Tucker down to five on the shot clock for Houston he’s been great all day even last game he was.

Strong five third quarter play the pride by sin where’s Matthews Matthew’s again listen the Portage’s his teammates he’ll take them aside then against a cappella the anthony.

From outside the artist dan was calls timeout mavar shala on the road last year with a record of 23 and 18 away from down his front good four-foot most Road wins in the world and Kevin Etta to expect from a veteran team like the Mavs I mean throughout the roster this team has guys.

That understand what it takes to win on the road nephew’s goes in here’s Nowitzki and there’s the 16-foot Nowitzki ‘he’s got his third basket of the night just such a good shooter from that range and you factor in it’s almost unfair shucks roll movement.

On the perimeter that it takes.


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