To get those shots he also wants to see a patient offense work for the shot move the ball around and as he told them quote if you don’t see a good shot find someone good Thanks Dallas has gone 307 tonight from three-point territory so the wing and the left out.

Of bounds Houston takes possession well let’s take a look at last year’s top scorer James Harden is second and looking back his points per game really underscored the fact that he never took the game I mean once performing after another all season.

Long and the Rockets making a change here and this is checked in the Mavericks also with us up Harris is checked in the Rockets have gone for six in the field since the start of the phone pardon outside head bucket the mavericks leading here is with Chris Paul covering nobody in the third quarter with just.

Over three and a half minutes off the clock Nowitzki a stream Harris dishes to Nowitzki Georgie kicks the Barnes he feeds it into vets key trends the three-pointer Nowitzki ‘he’s got nine and when you’ve got a big man who could shoot from.

Distance like that has been extremely productive over seven years there was some question Clark as we as commitment to basketball coming into the lead yeah you own talent and.

Athleticism alone he would have been a top ten pick for sure here’s button pinch that one his sixth of the night shooting very healthy Citroen I’m pretty hard to find fault.

With anything he’s doing this border at least at the.

Offensive end Hera’s passes the Matthews astha Nowitzki six on the shot clock baby.

Hook and Junior the athleticism he’s that rubbery Napoli that Frances ate and so far I’ve.

Seen zero drop off in his leaping ability and quickness but no question these includes his skills and IQ many scouts wondered if he had let’s face it he under achieved a bid in his one year.

That but when it’s come time to do with it at the highest level deandre has risen to the occasion catching up on the changes for Houston Nanae he’s checked in for capella Anderson.

Comes in for PJ Tucker and it’s Gordon in for James Harden not a typical trip to the bird for him there try to get the rebound the only way nothing subtle about that gerald green he’s checked in for Houston Houston’s not to obtain from long range.

In the third quarter so far you the name the screen dishes of degree dances at DePaul he kicks it to Anderson six to shoot he’s got six months third quarter here and five lead changes so far yeah guys neither team has been able here’s Jordan to Hannah Jane.

Went for the two-hander on that slam.

That’s where the white room comes into play heaven I think some urgency from the man he’s sensing that this is in the game fellas Nanea gets Jordan Anderson outside now here’s Paul he’s tightly guarded the 17th the pastor do career who picks up the assist and now a three-point Madrid lead timely passing leads to assist and that’s been the recipe for success everybody on the same page see tremendous communication and awareness he’s got six.

Nanine this way all that time on the way up that will get them two chances at the free-throw line here you know one of the things I think we forget about with Chris Paul is just how much he is as a player hitting the go-ahead shot in game seven that gives the Spurs last postseason was a big reminder to everyone that this guy.

Is clutch on the first one go and talking about Paul on his ability to come up in the clutch that game seven shot when he was playing injured against.

San Antonio the defending champions turned out to be the game winning points remarkable.

Play remarkable series for him it was you know you could see him hobbling around out.

There and would have to miss games in that rockets series the first two if I recall but that series is what Paul is really part about for me usually you talk about how tough a player is and euro is talking about big guys but Chris Paul.

Is as tough as they compliment he’s a powerpack when you look at him I mean he’s playing through a lot of injuries and still has a big time impact on the.

Game most recently in the playoffs he played through injury to beat the Spurs in the second round still.

Most players would back out on the floor much less been as effective as he was during the postseason Anthony’s checked in for the Rockets Michael carter-williams comes in for Chris Paul now here’s Anthony he’s got seven pulls it in their game plan needs to change if they’re going to get out of this hole because he is just not there offensively you know that’s the thing about Paul he doesn’t need to be blazing fast or quick to beat he can play seemingly.

On in steel dismantle of defense shot clock at six bars dishes the bottle here’s Dean come outside you see if they want to train to do something outside Gordon.

Some inside whoa and it’s hard even for Michael carter-williams checked in for Dallas and the clock sniffing honey he’ll not truck through that miss puts him at six for ten second shot opportunity and the.

Basket by Jordan Gordon’s got ten points we’ve got 13 seconds left in the third quarter of the game and it’s Smith penetrating ten missing I’ll tell you what for what’s really elementary shot he look a little nervous on that release it’s still anybody’s game as we’ve reached the end of three hits Dallas up one and we’ve got more NBA action on 2k Sports coming your.

Let’s take them then welcome back as we get once more the fourth quarter run ahead and what’s.

Been a very well Kentucky game Puckett’s trail on the floor for Dallas they’ve got Nowitzki GI there was Smith that’s Matthews it’s Powell in at the center filling out. fella our Willie deeper Nowitzki a screen and it Smith penetrating to the inside and you talk about momentum that sort of action delivers a type of energy to but.

Just can’t quantify I know what I’m gonna quantify it right now far and this is a close game and that was something special to send a message and boy never and that was Kia bring you to the close-up on the food time point there’s Nowitzki Novitsky a strength Smith missing again bring it offensive performance they put nine you see the benefit of knocking down because and I’m sure they feel as if he’s shaken off that slow start digging them up lose tears in the second screen by Smith six.


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