On the shot clock gee work and Dallas with a change here to DeAndre Jordan’s checked in for bomb and it’s Houston’s ball it’s been eight on engine points for him matthews against Anthony shoots he’s.

Got 11 – injustice economic and some say it’s a lost part but they’re getting excellent results with it tonight that job becomes effortless.

Is so relaxed they’ve got to get more intense and over two and half minutes in the books here in the foyer the ball kicks it out to.

Harden feeds to Tucker matches at pre shorten with the rebound Jordan’s got six rebounds here tonight Matthew’s passes to Smith it takes is that teeth to the D and can purge the lamp and now just a four point rocket lead Rockets have gone five of seven from the field since the beginning of the for strong work at the you Djokovic Guernica valuation 3d and a little over three and a half minutes in the books so far here in the fourth Jordan the stream Smith.

Prides in reefer Matthews that’s his fourth foul of the conscience he just picked up his fourth personal foul and now he’s got some foul trouble hanging over his head guys there were some boys used to give for.

The meadows appears against Martin Matthews with the steal and now Barnes before all by himself they are not rotating nearly quickly enough on defense down low got to get quicker they’re just no resistance on the interior Paul there’s the dish to Tucker you see moving the ball around and by Jordan and so we toss.

The foul on the shop the mid rage.

That you’ve seen from them about.

As good as it gets and there has not been a drop off in.

The second half every waste your time getting the ball this resulted in a lot of fast-break points boy that’s a huge point he.

Left at the line really puts.

Pressure on them to get a stop here well looking back on last season you can see the Rockets was tough at home they just where we work this to join the team yeah how.

About a 13 and 11 record last year and a lot of close ones for them but that home crowd at times – just really will them too big as it.

Did help bring the series against.

The Clippers last year the play to check in.

With donor sperm this game approaches its finale the outcomes still undecided he’s told them we’re not far fellas it’s within reach and they did believe and that’s 11 points for dirk nowitzki you know from Houston’s.

Wins at home a lot of it had to do with the 3-point tsunami and they started a virgin in Houston it’s really a tough call.

You don’t like to see but it was called and now he’s got to.

Really make sure that he’s on top of his game here in regards to not.

Picking up another foul that was his fifth right six to shoot the way to end the drone yeah good job to take no choice there and a moment here to take a look at the scoring breakdown for the members well guys I really like how they’ve driven the ball to the basket in this game I mean they’ve.

Been very aggressive with it and you’ve always heard of guys bounce in his own shoes but you can be in a zone passing the basketball that we’ve seen that.


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