Tonight as well both free-throws give Kentucky the Mavericks trail Smith with it kids to join me six points for Barnes time running low guys and somebody has gotta win this one this game is closer to hate to see it come to an end over time in this one it’s been that kind of me.

Years the night parties got 11 in the second half and the Mavericks with possession Smith.

Collagen double-clutch later Smith’s got 24 points as the.

Name broke don’t fix it they keep getting into.

Paint the best memo Anthony just giving them Fitness 15 points on the block he’s got two going in a big way here yeah good things are starting to happen for him out there that’s good banan theny he’s got ice water in his veins fellow no way he’s gonna miss from the line when the game still hanging in the balance I’ve seen him make too many in this situation one.

Of the stories here James Harden hitting the Sun today he’s definitely rolling off you’ve got to find a way to contain now here is Smith puts it up from 12 school Smith’s got it all now for the man the shot over the bigger defender that cookie I love good job tried to get a hand in the face but you’ve got to be more.

Careful especially on the three-point attempt I mean defend that shot without fouling now you give a guy.

Three free throws it’s the first he makes the second patient nice work at the line I mean this course you have got to cash in on those opportunities and the Mavericks fall time here they’re behind by there’s 117 left here in the fourth quarter there’s 117 before you first among them within June with the time zones a trip to the line.

He has 18 points and his two blocks have given in the lift defensible no doubt.

About it he’s been a rim protector and it’s starting.

To get into the heads of their own so against them both now this has.

Gotten just 104 Smith clutch those free throws turn this and to a one-possession ball game for Houston they’ve gone seven of ten shooting the ball Garden against Matthews my views with the steel and even three-on-three break from.

8 this is huge no choice but to launch for that past May they didn’t get through and.

That was important probably then a.

Quick to point if he doesn’t get a hand on it and knock it out of bound we’ve got a nine second difference between the shot clock in the game clock Anthony against boy good legal guardian he wasn’t sent fortunately and it’s both foods LZ so now it’s a four-point ball game dan was calls timeout they’re losing by four seconds left in the fourth quarter guys what do you think we had time a huge factor right now they’ve.

Got to get points and then the file yeah it has to be quick because every tick is critical 19 seconds left in the fourth quarter now the powered stuff too yeah you.

Can’t let them hold a ball I just booked those last seconds away know if you got a foul I mean it’s going to come down to free throws.

Here and the first of two no-good heartbreaking in the ends up making a second and that puts them up by five outside Jordan there’s the feeds and Anthony’s sniff pitch to bonds from outside the art shot is off so.

We see the Rockets get the win here they didn’t make it easy on himself it’s other things but in the perseverance a chance now to send joka Doris Burke standing by.

On the sidewalk we stay composed we just finish the game he was playing great mellow Thanks all right Doris thank you and that’s going to do it.

Tonight folks for our broadcast for Greg Anthony Clark Kellogg and Doris Burt this is Kevin Harlan saying thank you for watching the NBA presented by 2k Sports now time to send you over to the award-winning Ernie Johnson for the postgame show with Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny the jet Smith the 2k sports postgame show welcome back everybody Ernie Johnson here along.

With Shaq and the jet as we present our Jordan player.

Of the game James Harden I can’t imagine a player having a better night from the field than he had tonight his shooting percentage was off the charts he used every trick in the book to get those high percentage shot he shot from every direction and there was a little bit of luck here and there but he was all fired I don’t know if there’s a fan base that loves their store more than this once they got behind him.

He became unstoppable man and that wraps things up folks thanks for joining us for Shaquille O’Neal Kenny the jet Smith Kevin Harlan and the rest of the 2k sports crew I’m Ernie Johnson good night everybody you you you you you.


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