But not the great Celeste that’s a great point because you know starting to mature starting to value every possession and that’s good news for the rest of that team a free-throw is good from Eric Gordon the Nuggets missed the postseason.

Again last year never really had a good look at it and just fell back to the path and it’s the second in this coming on the heels of straight burst between o4 and 13 there’s Riley’s goes to the reverse wave.

He’s got his first basket of the night you know for Denver historically they’ve.

Enjoyed a lot of success for a long time missing the playoffs consecutively might have been the wake-up call they needed to try something different going forward now here’s Renee these conditions we’ve.

Got 140 that doesn’t go on the chance to talk and listen it’s sometimes really hard between right the Nuggets to know when to rebuild so while they weren’t quite sure what they had coming in to Isis by the end of it they had a clear idea of what direction they needed to head into for the future they set the pick the dish the.

Moon and it’s out of balance to the negative number we change position for Eric Gordon some last season stats for him.

Averaged about 13 points per three assists and 2 rebounds and those numbers solid not spectacular and sometimes what you see is what you get he certainly knows his role and it gives you some good minutes you’re getting pushed around on the low block yeah but they better rally suit because they’d given up.

Three straight buckets in the Houston Falls the next they just weren’t challenged I mean nearly as much as they should have been in that game at least when they had.

The ball yeah it was a mismatch I mean the.

Practically the entire game now here’s Carter Williams no scoring yet from him but that’s likely to change here’s Gordon be bound by morning are you give got together to deliver right there that’s just too easy of a shock to myth.

There’s 37 seconds left to play.

In the first quarter as a disease sees that his first three points of the game just a little confusion among the D as to who was supposed to be on Anderson outside there’s 14 seconds left to play in the first quarter I think he had all the space Albert here see we’ll be back shortly for the start of the second quarter you before the game Carmelo Anthony talked about how he.

Prepares himself mentally to carry this team it’s easy as basketball is out there having fun I was out there working together you know the biggest thing it’s a defense event as long as we keep that up we’re gonna score enough points to it you know it possibly went basketball game so I’m definitely not.

Concerned on from that aspect it may be for him but it sure didn’t look easy for the Knicks last.

Season and off we go a post-game now start in the second quarter and from what we’ve been watching Gonzaga so what are you seeing out there you always like it when your team doesn’t settle for outside shots and that’s not the case here all fueled up and ready.

To go let’s reset our lineups and so in the game for the Rockets we’ve got Anthony Paul out there with pardon then it’s PJ.


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